Stormy Sunday night

Sunday, 23 August 2020

Thanks to the hot humid weather, I spent the majority of the day indoors.

My eldest nephew dropped by for a visit and spent a good part of the afternoon and early evening with us. I love seeing him and mom playing crib and chatting. Does them both good. I remember spending quality time with my Grandma, chatting, crocheting and laughing a lot. Special memories!

While I was BBQing supper, I noticed three crows in a tree by the river. I kept my eye on them because I knew there are usually four together. I snapped a few pics of them then saw the fourth one, he was on a lower branch. He flew up to a higher branch to be part of the family photo. I’m sure I mentioned these crows before. I affectionately refer to them as the Ancestors. They show up regularly and not just my backyard. I’ve seen them at my brother’s cottage, and around town.

The ancestors. Four crows in a tree. Photo of the day, 23 Aug 2020 © WQuinn

Thunderstorms have surrounded us all evening and continue into the night. As I type this, the sky keeps lighting up with thunder rumbling afterwards. I enjoy falling asleep to thunder and rain!

Today’s photos

I have a couple of photos of a bird that was in the garden today. At first I thought it was a nuthatch but after looking at the photos I’m not so sure anymore. Could be a white-breasted nuthatch – which I haven’t seen here before – or a Wren. I’ve heard there have been sightings of a Carolina Wren in the city but this bird looks grey and not a warm brown. I’ll post the photos to the FB group tomorrow and see if anyone recognizes it.

So I’ve just lost power.

And, it’s back. Phew! Going to upload this now. Back to work tomorrow, gotta watch the clock to ensure I get to bed early. Sigh. I liked being on holidays!


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