Healing in Nature

Join me as I share my thoughts, paintings and photographs of nature.

  • Garden update and taking a break from electronics.

    Thursday, 20 May 2021 Happy early birthday Joe! I’ll start with some happy news: I’ve finished the shingles acupuncture/chiro treatment! I’m symptom free and feeling good. There is still a small rash on my back that is quickly fading, but no pain, no itching anywhere! I feel so good that I’ve rebooked my Covid vaccine… Continue reading Garden update and taking a break from electronics.

  • Let the planting begin!

    Wednesday, 19 May 2021 Momma and poppa goose dropped by for a visit with their babies. So much cuteness! This evening found me building a raised garden bed. The first of many to come. I could hear my dear cousin’s voice in my head while I filled the wheelbarrow with earth…take it easy cuz…it helped… Continue reading Let the planting begin!

  • A beautiful Tuesday

    Tuesday, 18 May 2021 A beautiful day, warm and sunny, just how I like it. Some geese came up for a visit. They seemed to enjoy the dandelions. I caught one goose nibbling on one of my tulips. It stopped when I stepped outside with my camera to capture the moment. And that sunset! Wow,… Continue reading A beautiful Tuesday