Checking off the to-do list

Saturday, 22 August 2020

At the beginning of my holidays I wrote a to-do list. There were things on it that I have been wanting to get done for years but never had the time (read: never made the time). Covid has given me the opportunity to vacation at home. Usually I save my holidays for Autumn and take a cruise somewhere, although lately I’ve been wanting to take a break from cruising so I can get some projects completed around the house. It’s been a win-win and I feel very fortunate and grateful I haven’t been affected by Covid.

Today’s project was a platform bird feeder…and a couple of frames but I’ll come back to those in a few days when I finish them. Now, from the picture, the feeder looks like a window screen, but, lie it flat and voila! A platform feeder! (fingers are crossed this is going to work.) I had some issues installing it on the front veranda and, while coming up with solutions, I had a few more ideas of how to make it better. So, I’ve put it on hold for the night and will get back to it tomorrow…or next weekend. See what happens when I go back to work? All the fun projects wait until the weekend. Sigh.

Frame with a screen…aka platform bird feeder. ©WQuinn

The good news is I fixed the air stapler gun. Great news is I figured out how to use the biscuit joiner and what a router does – thank you YouTube! Oh, the projects I can play with once I learn how to use them! 🙂

One thing on my to-do list that didn’t get done was making soap. My soap supply is dwindling and I just need to decide on a recipe and get at it. Maybe next weekend 😉

Today’s photos

Malva Zebrina. I grew this plant from seeds this spring and it’s still blooming!
Photo of the day, 22 Aug 2020 ©WQuinn

I picked a couple of black-eyed susans the other day and they weren’t doing well at all…drooping over the vase. Tonight, I cut a few inches off the stem, put them back in the water and they continued to droop. A few hours later, they were perked right up and look awesome! Some of the other photos are the fuchsia, orange gerber daisy and a sunflower that should be blooming by early next week.


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