Let the planting begin!

Wednesday, 19 May 2021

Momma and poppa goose dropped by for a visit with their babies. So much cuteness!

When mom says go, we go.

This evening found me building a raised garden bed. The first of many to come. I could hear my dear cousin’s voice in my head while I filled the wheelbarrow with earth…take it easy cuz…it helped me to stop at one bed! Thanks Ger!

Raised garden bed.
This is where the lettuce, spinach and kale will go.
Someone’s ready to climb! Birdhouse gourds. It always amazes me that this grew from a seed put in soil.
Tonight’s sunset

Was anyone else tired today? Maybe it’s the heat, but mom and I were both very tired this afternoon. I went for a walk around the house hoping to get some energy. I stopped to smell the lilacs…so awesome! Then picked a handful of dandelions for a tea. I threw in some lemon balm for extra flavour. It didn’t pick up my energy but it sure tasted good!

Lemon balm dandelion tea

A beautiful Tuesday

Tuesday, 18 May 2021

A beautiful day, warm and sunny, just how I like it. Some geese came up for a visit. They seemed to enjoy the dandelions. I caught one goose nibbling on one of my tulips. It stopped when I stepped outside with my camera to capture the moment.

Geese enjoying our backyard. Notice the turkey lurking in the background?
What dandelion?
Turkey enjoying the long grass, after the geese left.
Ashes impatiently waiting for Mom’s cereal bowl.

And that sunset! Wow, it was pretty incredible!

Sun sets over Quinn’s field.

Well now, wasn’t that a grand day!

Saturday, 15 May 2021

Today was the day I’ve been looking forward to since last Fall when the cold and snow arrived. A warm day with a breeze – to keep the black flies and mosquitoes away – and big fluffy clouds floating by.

A stand-up paddle boarder paddled by on the river. That was a first. Not long after, a small motor boat filled with young people went by. There hasn’t been that much action on the old river since I was a teenager playing in our boat. It was nice to see. This evening a neighbour across the field was having a party, playing loud calypso music. It made me think of the Caribbean islands I’ve visited. Mom joined me on the veranda to listen and then she started dancing, so I joined in. Dancing under the sparkling stars with the waxing crescent moon shining bright.

I spent a good part of the day transplanting and planting. I transplanted three fuchsia plants into a hanging basket and two more into a large pot. Then I tackled the tray of Hyssop which was one of my winter sowing experiments. I separated thirty-two tiny seedlings and ended up with fourteen containers! This was good practice for patience 😉

At some point during the day, I realized I didn’t have any Malva Zebrina’s started. I’ve been growing them for several years and love how hardy and beautiful they are. A quick search through my old seed envelopes and I found them. There were only a handful of seeds left but should be enough to grow a pot full of beautiful cheery flowers.

The last thing I planted today was a potato. Two actually. Two russet potatoes. I planted them in an old seed bag, another experiment. I’ve seen countless videos on this method, as well as using large containers, with much success. My plan is to grow all of my potatoes this way. Can’t wait to see how it works out!

We had an evening grosbeak visit us today. She was shy at first, flying away every time I stepped out onto the veranda, but eventually she got closer, especially when we were quietly sitting still for a bit. A pileated woodpecker dropped by for a visit as well. We had a Baltimore Oriole a few days ago but I haven’t seen or heard it since.

I went for a walk around the yard at sunset and found myself at the box garden, checking on my garlic. It needed a good weeding so I started pulling weeds and noticed several large dandelions and creeping Charlie. I feel like God started my medicinal herb garden for me 😉

I have been wanting to dig up dandelion roots to dry for a tea but haven’t gotten around to it yet. I grabbed ahold of the plant and pulled. It came out with such ease! Much better than having to dig it out with a shovel. I haven’t finished researching creeping Charlie so wasn’t sure what part of the plant I should harvest, so pulled some of the greenery for now. I washed the dandelion leaves, as well as Charlie, cut up the dandelion roots and placed everything in the screen to dry.

The dandelion leaves looked so good, I put a few leaves away for tomorrow’s green smoothie.

A few more photos from the day.

A spring smell I almost didn’t recognize

Wednesday, 12 May 2021

I stepped outside onto the covered veranda. Immediately my nose picked up a scent. Something very familiar that I hadn’t smelled for some time. I searched the recesses of my memories…the smell was comforting, welcome… maybe Mom lit a candle or sprayed perfume? My eyes were drawn to my neighbour’s lawn…the freshly mowed lawn! Ahhhhhh, the smell is fresh mowed grass. I had forgotten how good it smells, so sweet, so nature. What a great smell.

I was hoping to get my seedlings into the sun today for a few hours but it was just too windy for them. So I kept them on the covered portion of the veranda where they saw a little sun for a short time. Hoping tomorrow has less wind!

We had turkeys and geese visiting the yard today. I didn’t realize geese ate dandelions.

I picked some dandelions today to dry for making soap, lotion and maybe tea. Going to start small and see how it goes. This is my first time working with dandelions. Can’t wait to experiment with them. I might try using fresh ones for a salad or tea. We’ll see how it goes!