Thursday, 4 June 2020

Today felt like Friday all day… Not sure what tomorrow is going to be like!

It was a busy day getting infographics completed and I’ve volunteered to be a tester of a new portal opening up soon, so that’s cool. Also managed to get some gardening done.

Our guy…we have a guy…who has been working around our yard. He dropped off clean fill last month when we had a sign up on the lawn looking for clean fill. He then offered his services to spread the fill and, since then, we’ve kept him busy. Today he dropped off four yards of garden soil. Now I can fill up some garden boxes and containers. Really stoked!!!

We popped into Ottawa to visit my nephews who moved into their first apartment this week. It’s a beautiful place and I’m excited for them, proud of the young men they’ve become and a little nostalgic for the little boys they were.

Then we popped over to see my sister-in-law’s new apartment. It’s stunningly beautiful and such a contrast to the boys modern apartment. Her’s is circa 1920s…has the feel of an old church. Gorgeous wood burning fireplace with a stone mantel. She’s moving in on the weekend so no furniture yet.

Tomorrow is Mom’s birthday so she wanted to see most of her babies tonight!

I didn’t have my camera and tried to capture the near full moon and tonight’s sunset…with my phone…not great but it’s something.

I fed the cats when I got home…left the kitchen to get ready for bed…you know, brushing my teeth and so on. I noticed Ashes wasn’t in the kitchen and she still had food. Kinda strange. I walked into my room, noticed the closet door open and there she was, sitting in my laundry basket…silly girl.

153/366 Photo of the day, 4 Jun 2020 ©WQuinn


Wednesday, 3 June 2020

This is the year for robins in our yard. Normally we have one, maybe two and rarely do we seem them. But this year, wow, we have many and I’m enjoying watching them.

My signs this day were…Robin again and a woodpecker. I’m reading up on the spiritual meaning of both birds and see how it applies to my life.

I don’t have much to write tonight as it was a quiet day. I spent most of it in front of my work laptop laying out another infographic. We’re doing a series of them on COVID-19. Thankfully we’re keeping the look consistent across the board. The only challenge I have is to find a colour to match with the COVID-19 red logo. So far I’ve used a teal, green, brown, grey and purple. The colour has to not only compliment the red, but also have a high contrast ratio so it passes accessibility requirements.

When I find a colour I think will work with the red, I then need to test it to ensure it’s passes WCAG level AA. Then I test various tints…most often the tints don’t pass and I’m back to square one. It can be a lengthy process but, in the end, it is so worth it to have an accessible print document.

I did manage to get outside this morning before I started work, and took some pictures. We had a foggy start to the morning which made for a great backdrop for the lilacs.

Lily of the Valley
Photo of the Day, 3 Jun 2020 ©WQuinn

The geese were up for a visit a couple of times during the day. This morning, I sat on the stairs, after having taken the flower and robin pictures, and I sang a little, then started to whistle. Apparently my singing is ok but my whistling not so much. The geese ran away, all the way to the river. It was the most comical thing to watch…those little wings up and wiggling along with their little bodies! I took a cute photo of it:

Geese and goslings running to the river. ©WQuinn 2020


Tuesday, 2 June 2020

All day, I have had the feeling that today if Friday. I can’t imagine how disappointed I will be when I wake up tomorrow morning and realize it’s Wednesday and not Saturday.

I had a short walk this morning and noticed the difference in my mood. I have quickly adjusted to a morning walk and enjoy the quiet time. Just giving my foot a couple of days rest to heal up and I’ll get back at it. It would seem I did too much too fast… an annoying trait of mine 😉

I did manage to take a couple of photos along the way though:


Sunday, 31 May 2020

The last day of May was a cool one. It was 8°C during my morning walk. A bit of a breeze made it feel much cooler… a windchill on the last day of May. Huh. Sometimes I wonder what Mother Nature is up to… menopause perhaps?

During my walk, I decided I would dedicate June – the month, not my mother – to actively looking for signs from the Universe. Signs are everywhere and ever present. If you don’t see a sign it’s because you’re not present, not open and not looking for them.

I get so wrapped up in all that is going on around me, stuck in my head, worrying about nothing, being preoccupied with nothing that truly matters, that I forget I’m not alone in this crazy game of life. I have an amazing support system guiding me and cheering me on every second of every moment of every day of my entire life’s journey. If I don’t hear them or see them, that’s on me. It’s because I’m in my head, focusing on the stuff that doesn’t matter, instead of being aware, being present, being open.

So my exercise for June…the month of June…is to be aware of what is going on around me. Of being aware of my thoughts and how quickly they manifest into something tangible.

So, I’m walking along and I notice the number eight (8) painted on a hydro pole. I’ve walked by this pole for three weeks now and this is the first time I’ve noticed it. Talk about being present in the moment and being aware of what’s going on around you. By the way, 8 in angel numerology is Abundance.

Number 8 on a pole. ©WQuinn 2020

Back to my walk this morning. I asked myself: “What do you want.” My answer: “To be happy; to be open to love, all kinds of love, but mostly romantic love.”

Whenever I make a conscious effort to be aware of the Universal life force, it shows me hearts…everywhere. I pour olive oil into a frying pan, it settles in the shape of a heart. I look up into the sky and see heart-shaped clouds. Leaves fall at my feet, in the shape of a heart… For about a week now, hearts have been showing up. The Universe was reminding me it’s still there and wants me to reconnect. So…I’m reconnecting and am looking forward to all of the signs coming my way.

Heart-shaped cloud in the sky…Do you see it? ©WQuinn 2020
A significant morning on my daily walk.
151/366 Photo of the day, 31 May 2020 ©WQuinn

Back to my daily walk, each morning I walk a little further than the day before. Today, I made it half way down the gully, to the 1 km mark. Return trip is 2 km…Today I walked 2 km!!! I’m getting there, slowly by surely.