Sunday, 17 May 2020

It’s with a heavy heart I write this blog post. This afternoon, one of our RCAF Snowbirds crashed shortly after take off in Kamloops, BC. One member of the team has died and another is seriously injured. My heart breaks for the team.

The Snowbirds have been on a Canada wide tour, #OpInspiration, flying past hospitals and long term residences, as a way to thank the front-line workers during this pandemic. Their flypasts have brought so much joy to so many Canadians during this crazy time, igniting national pride, and hope. Tears filled my eyes when they flew by here last week. I always get emotional when I watch them perform or fly past.

My heart and my prayers are with the team and their families.

I went for a walk to the river this evening, hoping time in nature would help ease my heavy heart. I came along some beautiful flowers and trees budding. A little light on a somber day.

137/366 Photo of the day, 17 May 2020 ©WQuinn


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