The day after…

Thursday, 2 July 2020

I’m so confused about what day it is. These holidays in the middle of the week should be banned. All holidays should fall on a Monday. Just kidding, but wouldn’t it be nice?!

We’re having my sister-in-law over Friday for dinner to celebrate her birthday. I thought I had four days to prepare. Ha. Joke is on me. Tomorrow is Friday!

This COVID-19 isolation/hibernation is screwing with my memory. I really must find a way to differentiate between the days. I know I said this before, but it bears repeating. I need to keep reminding myself. I think I need to do something like Holland America does on its ships:

“Thursday” written on a carpet on the MS Koningsdam ship elevator. ©WQuinn 2020

We went to Gatineau this morning to run a few errands. Errands that took us into several stores. I was flabbergasted at the differences in safety protocols.

Canadian Tire: We started at Canadian Tire. I was concerned by the amount of cars in the parking lot, the people coming and going and no line up to enter, but we decided to give it a go. Two large bottles of hand sanitizer greeted us outside the entrance. Hands sanitized, we entered the store where we were greeted by an employee. I went straight for the carts, Mom found a roll of disposable towels and hand sanitizer. She rubbed down the handle of the cart. There were no arrows on the floor to guide us. We were on our own and it was a free-for-all. People everywhere. Lots of them. There didn’t seem to be a limit to how many people were allowed in the store at the same time. Everywhere you turned, you bumped into someone. We wore face masks. Most people I met didn’t. I eventually had to take it off because I found I was becoming ill with it on for long periods of time. Both of us had enough and made our way to the line up, which snaked through the store. There were dots on the floor indicating 2 metres apart, but the line turned down the wrong aisle where there were no dots. The dots didn’t seem to work though as people mostly ignored them, at least the woman ahead of me and the two men behind me. I did notice more people wearing masks as I was in line and had time to people watch, but the majority were not. It is not mandatory in QC to wear masks indoors, or anywhere for that matter. All in all, I found Canadian Tire to be way too relaxed with social distancing measures.

Canadian Tire parking lot.
Photo of the day, 2 Jul 2020 ©WQuinn

Société des alcools du Québec (SAQ): Next was the SAQ. We drove by a couple stores that had long lines, one had at least 15 people and decided on the SAQ on Montée Paiement. A man arrived a few seconds before us so we only had to wait a minute or two before we were welcomed into the store. There was an employee who explained the process…wash your hands with sanitizer, carts were mandatory (and he washed it down for us), one person in an aisle (we were considered one unit but had to stay together). It was like playing a game…I want to go to that aisle but someone is already there. How can I position myself to be the next in line to get there. We found everything we wanted then checked out. The SAQ was by far one of the best experiences I have had during this entire COVID pandemic.

SAQ had our favourite wine (Voga – Italy) in stock so we stocked up on it and Bailys. I don’t plan on visiting another SAQ for sometime…maybe for a Christmas run? ©WQuinn 2020

Dollarama and IGA: Next came Dollarama for me and IGA for Mom. Dollarama first: A spray bottle was waiting for me as I arrived, although it wasn’t full, I did manage to get a little out of it. I didn’t notice the arrows on the floor indicating which way to enter an aisle until I had gone down a couple of aisles the wrong way! Leave it to me! It wasn’t overly busy. The sign on the door indicated 40 people were allowed in the store at the same time. There may have been 10 or so. The cashes had plexiglass between the cashier and the customer and the cashiers were wearing face shields. It was an OK experience but I wonder if they have staff to monitor how many people are coming in and keeping the hand sanitizer container full.

Mom said the IGA experience was amazing. A store employee advised hand sanitizing was a must, then offered a cart which they just cleaned. The employee was monitoring the number of people in the store and stopped people from entering until someone exited. I think she mentioned arrows on the floor.

SAQ and IGA were clear winners and we will be back!

Yellow wildflowers. Just because we could all use a little yellow in our lives! 😉

Summery Saturday

Saturday, 27 June 2020

Happy birthday 🎈 to my sweet niece!!!

I had a wonderful sleep-in this morning. A late start to my day but I did manage to check several things off my growing to-do list.

There’s nothing quite like physical activity to shift your mood, put things in perspective, or get those endorphins going and it feels great! Although I’m a little stiff and sore in spots, I feel amazing and believe I’ll have no problems falling to sleep tonight…one of the reasons for an early post 😉

It’s been a couple of weeks since things in Quebec have been opened and, for a while there, it felt like we were done with Covid-19. Almost like we’ve given up and gone back to the way things used to be. Until yesterday. When I heard about the outbreak in Kingston, ON…a city that until recently, had no cases. It’s like going back in time, to March, when the first cases of Covid-19 hit Canada. It scared me back into reality and reminded me to take this seriously and step back again. I need these reminders.

Earlier today, I took a break from the humidity by sitting in the shade of a tree, drinking water and watching the clouds drift by….ahhhh, summer!

Break time, sitting in shade
Photo of the day, 27 Jun 2020 ©WQuinn

What day is it?

Thursday, 25 June 2020

Six months to Christmas day and happy birthday to my dear aunt!

I’m all for holidays, especially when I get paid for them. There’s just something weird about having a day off in the middle of the week. I was so certain today was Monday, I was going to take the garbage out! Mom gave me the weather outlook for the weekend, saying Friday and Sunday looked the best with rain on Saturday. My response? Maybe I could work an extra hour each day and take time off on Friday. Silence. Then I knew… tomorrow is Friday, isn’t it? Sigh…guess I’m not taking off early Friday!

Next week I’ll be off on Wednesday again, this time for Canada Day. It will be a strange one, as everything has been since Covid arrived. Not to mention the Snowbirds are grounded after the crash in BC and the tragic loss of one of their own. Canada Day won’t be the same without them.

On another note, but still with planes…I could hear a familiar engine flying overhead during the afternoon and ran outside to see who it was. Much to my delight it was a Harvard flying overhead! It was such a treat to sit and watch it, and the sound of the engine…there’s nothing quite like it!

Harvard ©WQuinn 2020
Photo of the day, 25 Jun 2020 ©WQuinn

And a few shots from my garden and the sunset.


Tuesday, 16 June 2020

My first time shopping in a store in months! I wore a mask, followed the arrows, went at opening so there were less people…all in all it was pretty good.

I went to Walmart and Canadian Tire, then popped over to Maxi&Cie as it was the only garden centre left open that had annuals. They were in rough shape but at a discount, I knew I could breathe life into them.

Mom has been decluttering the veranda and setting up sitting areas for us. I just love what she’s done so far!

Outdoor living area
Photo of the day, 16 Jun 2020 ©WQuinn

The north end of the veranda is a great spot for catching a breeze and to watch the summer sunsets that go on forever. This spot will also be my outdoor working space…just imagine a monitor and laptop on that little table. It worked well this morning and was the coolest spot on the veranda!

Last evening, a flock of black birds flew into our backyard. I found it unusual as we don’t usually have so many visiting this time of the year. They were quite noisy today and while mom and I had our dinner on the veranda, I watched them closely, noticing an adult grackle feeding a young grackle, both on the lawn.

Young and adult grackles © WQuinn 2020

This is a strange year…not just for Covid-19 but I’ve been noticing the birds and how different they are than normal. We usually see one, maybe two robins. This summer we have many. I’ve witnessed an adult Robin feed a worm to a juvenile Robin, on the lawn. Something I’ve never seen before. In all my years, I haven’t seen young robins before.

Seagulls are dancing around the river, I’m presuming eating bugs. It’s the strangest but most beautiful sight. Then the blackbirds…mostly grackles…it’s strange. Noticeably different. Not bad, just different.

Tonight’s sunset was stunning…as usual!

Tonight’s sunset ©WQuinn 2020
Fancy shot of the sunset ©WQuinn 2020