Monday, 18 May 2020 – Victoria Day

Just like that, the first long weekend of the summer is over. And wasn’t it an awesome one, weather wise. Every day the temperature gradually increased until this afternoon we hit a high of about 23°C.

The Baltimore oriole flew into town today! I heard they had been showing up at feeders nearby so put an orange out for them yesterday. Imagine my delight when one flew to the hummingbird feeder while I was standing on the veranda! I was so excited to see him, I crept down the back stairs and went into the house by the side door, calling out to Mom to come see our visitor. He was so close and would have taken a lovely picture, however my camera was on the veranda and I didn’t want to disturb him. I quickly made up some nectar and got it out into the garden. Oh, the beautiful songs he sang all afternoon was delightful!

138/366 Photo of the day, 18 May 2020 ©WQuinn

Shortly afterwards, I put the second hummingbird feeder up, anticipating their arrival and sure enough, as I was at the sink I saw one fly to the feeder! It’s like homecoming week at the feeders 🙂

I managed to tick a few things off my to-do list this weekend but none as rewarding as today’s. I finally got around to changing the outdoor electrical receptacle. My dad installed this, oh, before 2006. It has not worked for the past five years or so and I procrastinated big time in changing it. I did it, it works, phew! Now, one more to do and I can cross this job off my list. 🙂

The tulips are up! Here are a few pictures from this evening’s walk


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