Saturday, 16 May 2020

136/366 Photo of the day, 16 May 2020 ©WQuinn

Early this evening, as I was making supper, I heard a goose on the river, calling out. It is quite common to hear geese on the river at all hours of the day and night, but this was different. It was a lone goose and the call was unlike any I have heard before. I had the feeling something was wrong, so I stepped out onto the veranda and looked for him. I found him, swimming by. Followed closely by something. I turned back to the house to grab the binoculars so I could see what was following the goose. A dog. No, two dogs! Two dogs were swimming after this goose.

The goose had a decent lead. The dogs appeared to be slowing down. I haven’t seen a dog swimming in the river since I was a child and my dog, Lassie, used to swim in it, following us around in the boat, or when we swam. It was cool to see them but I was worried about the goose and what would happen if they overtook it.

Then I started having questions. How long could the goose swim before it got tired. Wait, why was the goose swimming? It could fly, couldn’t it. Unless it was injured. And then it hit me. The goose was leading the dogs away from its family. That had to be it. Every now and then, a higher-toned honk would sound, in reply.

I said a silent prayer to the angels and faeries to surround the goose with protection and to give him the energy he needed to protect his family, then I sat and waited. Listening to the lonely honk, seeing ripples in the water, but they had moved to an area of the river that is surrounded by trees. All I could see was a small portion of the river, and the ripples in the water. And then the dogs were swimming to the shore. They got out of the river, stood at the edge of my lawn and shook the water off. I heard a man call out to them and they ran home.

A couple of minutes later, I watched as momma goose and five yellow goslings swam across the river to meet their hero dad.

Here’s to answered prayers!

Thank you angels and faeries 🙂

Tonight’s sunset © WQuinn 2020

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