Friday, 17 April 2020

107/366 Photo of the day, 17 Apr 2020

A golden finch looks at the snowflakes falling around him. I’d love to know what the birds think about…do they look at the snow and sigh, turn to their mate and say “I told you it was too soon to come back!” Or do they just go with the flow, live in the moment, embrace every second, every detail of nature as it unfolds around them. Perhaps they’re aware of the vital role they play in the grander scheme of things.

To be more like the birds, the animals, the trees…in synch with nature, with the universe, instead of constantly fighting against it, against the changes.

How about a turkey photo? This guy was hanging around the property today with his eight lady friends. The sun shone, highlighting his gorgeous feathers. Unfortunately, none of today’s photos clearly show those beautiful colours, but nonetheless, he’s a stunning turkey!

Wild turkey © WQuinn 2020
Wild turkey © WQuinn 2020
Wild turkey © WQuinn 2020


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