A foggy soggy start to the day but oh boy was it warm!

Thursday, 25 March 2021

Mom so kindly reminded me today that it’s nine months to Christmas, so I’m passing it on. Just in case you’re wanting to stock away some stocking gifts!

The morning started out foggy, creating a beautiful scene. The sun eventually came out and the heat went up to about 19C!

I walked down to the river today. Most of the snow is gone, thanks to the rain last night. Oh, speaking of the last night’s rain, it was accompanied by rolling thunder. Thunder that rolled on so long I thought there was no end to it! We’re under a storm warning for heavy rains tomorrow. We could see upwards of 50mm.

So back to my river walk. There were geese sitting on the ice, on both sides of the open water, along with two pairs of ducks and some seagulls. As we neared, the geese nonchalantly got up and, single file, walked towards the edge of the ice and slipped into the water.

Check out this image:

I thought it was a turtle but upon closer inspection, it’s a chunk of clay or maybe wood.

On the gardening front, some of the garlic has poked through the clay. So are the daffodils. I wasn’t sure the daffodil or tulip bulbs I planted last Fall survived the raccoon. I noticed his big paw marks in the soil so I’m delighted to see some have sprung! (Garlic is on the left and daffodils on the right in the image below.)

Some of the seeds I planted in the house have sprung up too. It amazes me every year how putting a seed in earth, adding water and light and a plant grows from it. Amazing!


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