Joyful Sunday

Sunday, 26 July 2020

The morning started off hot and humid. Like testing the waters of a cold lake, I stepped onto the veranda to test the heat. Too hot. I turned back to the house only to get the feeling I really needed to step out and feel the day. So I did. I turned, walked to the uncovered portion and welcomed the sun, the heat and the wet blanket over my lungs humidity.

My first thought was to check on the corn to see how it fared but I shot that notion down pretty quickly…too hot. It was then I noticed the garage door open. Oh oh. I left it open all night!!! Back into the house to get my shoes and the remote and off to investigate, praying nothing was stolen. Everything was fine, thank you angels and Dad for watching over it.

It was then I had the thought again…check on the corn. I’m closer now and it’s not too hot in the shade so, why not. The corn fared well…another thank you! Then came the thought: check the butterfly garden for monarchs. It’s that time of year so, ya, great idea. I mean, I’m out in the thick of the heat and I haven’t melted yet, so why not. Off to the garden I went, sweat beginning to pool as I made my way across the backyard to the side yard.

A black-eyed Susan opened up during the night. A nice addition to the box garden!

A lone black-eyed Susan. ©WQuinn 2020

I turned the corner and saw it…a monarch caterpillar!!! If it wasn’t for the open garage door, I would have missed it. Trust your intuition and follow your inner voice, always!

Photo of the day, 26 Jul 2020. Monarch caterpillar. ©WQuinn


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