Super Saturday

Saturday, 25 July 2020

Not only are the dog days of summer upon us, five months from today is Christmas day. Let that sink in for a second or two. Now that the stores are opening up again, might be a good time to do a little Christmas shopping and support your local businesses, entrepreneurs, artisans, and artists at the same time.

The heat and humidity are back for a visit, hoping they don’t overstay their welcome. I was going to put off building my garden fence because of the heat but saw the damage the raccoons did last night. SIGH… Unfortunately I don’t have enough supplies on hand to build a decent fence so I improvised and wrapped chicken wire around the corn. Fingers crossed it will be enough to deter them until I harvest (or get what I need to build a proper enclosure.)

Corn stalks wrapped in chicken wire. ©WQuinn 2020

I took my last photos of Comet Neowise last night. It’s getting more difficult to spot it and get a photo of it. Here is a photo I took last night, look how small and faded it is compared to a week ago. It sure has been enjoyable spending time outside – during the wee hours of the morning and the late hours of the night – to catch a glimpse and capture it.

Comet Neowise ©WQuinn 2020
Photo of the day, 25 Jul 2020. Late afternoon summer day. ©WQuinn 2020

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