Manic Monday

Monday, 27 July 2020

“It’s just another Manic Monday, I wish it was a Sunday…” – The Bangles

It was a weird day for online meetings. My experience, since COVID started, has been run of the mill…people in their basements, tiny rooms, kitchen tables, foreheads front and centre, but today takes the cake.

A cat fight broke out in the middle of one meeting. Hair flying, hissing, howling, chasing each other out of the room. I had to move them away from the desk, then get up and open the door to let them out. It was hilarious. There was an interruption on the other part as well. Then this afternoon, there was more interruptions that were just too comical. It felt like a comedy of errors. Thankfully everyone was pretty relaxed and didn’t mind. It was quite nice to get together with my colleagues again, see their faces, listen to them talk about work. I found myself staring at their faces with a smile on my face, just so happy to see them again.

Cats may be banned from the room for the next meeting though…just saying!

Sunflower starting to bloom. Photo of the day, 27 Jul 2020 ©WQuinn

The only sunflower growing on my land this summer. I tried starting a bunch indoors early spring but nothing grew. I tried again in June but the squirrels got into the earth and dug up and ate the seeds. So I gave up. Then I spotted this little fella. At least 5 heads are about to bloom. What a wonderful surprise!!!


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