Wednesday, 31 July 2019

Ode to July

Thank you for the gift of sunshine and warmth. The long glorious days that seemed to go on forever. The early morning sunrises and late night sunsets. The constellations, shooting stars and UFO’s on hot summer nights. The gently breezes that kept the bugs away and made the hot humid days bearable. The abundance of fireflies and serenading bull frogs. The daily visits from the baby geese who are now almost fully grown.

The air has changed, the crickets have started chirping, harvest is around the corner and hay fever (ragweed) is on our doorstep. Soon the geese will learn to fly and spend their days in neighboring fields. The nights will get cooler, the days shorter.

But I will cherish you July 2019. Thank you!


I get the feeling July wants me to squeeze as much out of today as I can. There’s been another accident and another hydro pole down. I arrived home around 5 to a very hot and stuffy house. The power went off around 11 this morning. It’s expected to be back up by 8:15 pm. Pizza for supper. Sitting on the deck enjoying the geese, birds and breezes. Happy the humidity has gone. Enjoying summer!

Sunrise, river, lawn
212/365 This morning’s sunrise ©️ WQuinn
Watercolour painting yellow flowers
212/365 Painting of the day 31 July 2019 ©️ WQuinn

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