29 April 2019

Today I took the bus to work. First time in about 20 some years! The mayor asked residents to telework, car share or take public transit. From the quiet roads this morning, I’d say people were following orders.

I must admit it was a very smooth process and people were respectful. I may try it again.

I painted my painting this morning at work. I brought three brushes with me: a round, an angular and a foliage brush. I did the whole painting with the round then used the foliage to add speckles around the sunflowers. Not the effect I was going for, a sponge would have been better but I worked with what I had.

Here’s a photo of the painting along with my 2019 goals.

Watercolour painting with 2019 goals
119/365 Painting of the day ©WQuinn

After supper I went for a walk down to the river. It was cooler than yesterday but still nice out. I saw several duck, geese and a great blue heron. I’m so grateful to live here!

Here’s a photo of the river, taken with the 75-300mm lens that kissed the acropolis marble.

Landscape photo
119/365 Photo of the day ©WQuinn

The water level is down about 2 feet from last week…the dam must be open wide.