28 April 2019

Oh what an incredible day it was. Sun shine all day long!!!

I sat on the veranda, enjoying breakfast and my surroundings. Did some work around the yard then enjoyed lunch on the veranda as well.

I painted my painting of the day outside too!

Photo of watercolour painting
118/365 Painting of the day 28 April 2019 ©WQuinn

Was thrilled to find our first blooms of the season in my flower garden!

118/365 Photo of the day 28 April 2019 ©WQuinn

I tried out my 75/300 lens today. I haven’t used it since it fell on marble on the acropolis last October. I haven’t looked at the images close up but on my phone they’re looking pretty decent.

Sunset on Perkins road
Snowbird, dark eyed junco
Dark eyed junco