A change of scenery

Friday, 12 February 2021

A change of scenery, especially during the lockdown, is food for my soul.

Sussex Drive, Ottawa, ON ©WQuinn 2021

I’m grateful Mom hasn’t changed her pharmacy to one on our side of the border. This way, as an essential service, we get to visit Ottawa every every so often to pickup her prescriptions. And while we’re there… pickup take-out at one of my favourite restaurants (I rotate each time between Eastside Mario’s and Lonestar), take the scenic route home, and just get a break from the lockdown grind.

One of my favourite things about Ottawa are the parkways. You wouldn’t know you’re in a city because of the beautiful nature around you.

Nature in the middle of the city…the Aviation Parkway. ©WQuinn 2021
The former Rockcliffe Parkway
©WQuinn 2021

A drive on the Rockcliffe Parkway isn’t complete without a stop at the lookout, overlooking Gatineau point, the Lady Aberdeen bridge, the sleeping giant (Eardly escarpment), and the meeting spot of the mighty Gatineau and Ottawa rivers.

Gatineau point. ©WQuinn 2021


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