Getting to know the delivery people

Tuesday, 22 December 2020

One good thing to come from this pandemic is getting to know new people, like the delivery people who frequent my doorstep.

Pre-covid, I would have groceries delivered once in a while. Now, it’s a bi-weekly event. I actually look forward to seeing and getting to know the driver. It started off with a shy hello and thanks. Now we’re up to a casual conversation about the quality of the paper grocery bags.

Then there’s the UPS guy. He’s been around since the spring when I was building my computer. Every payday I would order a part and it was usually delivered by UPS. Now, it’s been a slower process with this driver as he’s a bit surely. I would greet him with a smile and big hello. He would grunt and leave the box.

This went on for months until one day I wasn’t feeling cheery so he took over the greeting and started a conversation. The most animated I’ve seen him is when the turkeys were scattered all over the yard. He was fascinated and had lots to say.

I’ve also gotten to know my post lady. She delivered some of my computer parts too and we’ve met up at the community box. Now we wave to each other as she drives by.

Life is beautiful and fleeting and it’s these small moments when you connect with another human being that life is all about. Sharing a smile, a positive word or simply acknowledging another’s existence.

Snow flurries.
Photo of the day, 22 Dec 2020 ©WQuinn

A cute video of the wild turkeys running across my backyard this morning. They are running to my neighbour’s house, who feeds them every morning:

A tiny glimpse of the sun this afternoon.
© WQuinn 2020


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