Snowy morning

Tuesday, 3 November 2020

I love snow, especially the first snowfall. If we’re going to have cold weather, we might as well have snow so we can play. Not to mention how much brighter it is especially at night.

Snow on the ground means more birds at the feeders! We’ve had two goldfinch at the feeders for about a week. Today, thanks to the snow, we’re up to five! Also saw the red-breasted nuthatch, first time this season. Two white-breasted nuthatches popped by, with Mr Cardinal, four Rock pigeons, a mourning dove, several woodpeckers, including the pileated, chickadees, and many blue jays!

Red squirrel was photographed yesterday with his hands on the side of the seed dish. Today, he, well, here’s a picture 😉

Red squirrel sitting in small dish eating sunflower seeds. © WQuinn 2020

More photos from today:

Snowy morning.
Photo of the day, 3 Nov 2020 ©WQuinn


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