October winds lament around the castle of dromore

Thursday, 1 October 2020

When I think of October the lyrics of the Castle of Dromore play in my head. Over and over! It’s an Irish song we used to sing with the Irish choir I sang with many years ago.

It wasn’t windy today but it was rainy. It was also sunny. The skies were amazing. At times it was grey and bland. Then dark blue clouds would roll in, a break within had the sun shining through, highlighting the colourful trees with a dark blue background! Wow! Then there were times large white clouds would float by over the dark blue clouds.

We were driving into Ottawa, just as a rain storm system was moving towards home. I had my camera with me, window down, taking pictures. The sky was incredible!

There was one shot I was hoping to get of the amazing sky. I knew a barn was coming up so kept my window open and waited for it. I really lucked out with a pickup truck going by at the right moment!

Photo of the day, 1 Oct 2020 © WQuinn

I had my camera with me hoping to capture the full moon rising tonight. Unfortunately, I was stuck at the Ikea Click and Collect area for over an hour, waiting for my order and missed it. I did see it later after it was up though. I took the next photo through the windshield:

Looks like the moon has wings! © WQuinn 2020

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