Farewell September!

30 September 2020

September is leaving 2020 with such beauty and grace.

A beautiful Fall day with cooler temperatures, lots of rain, a few sunny breaks that took my breath away. Mother nature at her finest!

The biggest and brightest rainbow 🌈 I’ve seen in years!
Photo of the day, 30 Sep 2020 © WQuinn

Today’s photos

More Fall colours today as well as a double rainbow! When I saw the sun shining and rain falling I stepped onto the veranda, looking for a rainbow. I spotted a faded one, took a few pictures, turned my attention further north a gasped at the beauty of a much brighter and wider rainbow… Two beautiful rainbows!

Double rainbow 🌈🌈 © WQuinn 2020

© WQuinn 2020
© WQuinn 2020
© WQuinn 2020
Mother nature turning on the lights this afternoon. The colours were outstanding! © WQuinn 2020