Thursday, 4 July 2019

Another hot one today…wowzers! Grateful for air conditioner!!!

I painted outside again this evening, enjoying the summer heat for a short while.

Watercolor painting of Yellow flowers against white fence
185/365 Painting of the day, 4 July 2019, ©️ WQuinn

This time of year the grass grows very quickly. We have alot of grass to cut and sometimes, if we’re busy away from the house, it can get a little long. The bonus is wildflowers and clover start growing…which is great for the bees and butterflies. I love it and would leave it like that but Mom…well, not so much. Some years I manage to negotiate a couple of spots we can keep long. But last year Dukes, my male cat, had a tick…now I prefer the grass be cut in high traffic areas.

I have a couple of wild garden areas where natural wildflowers and thistles grow. It’s easier to maintain and a win-win for me and the butterflies.

Lawn full of White clover
185/365 Photo of the day, 4 July 2019, ©️ WQuinn

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