Sun and lots of it. Plus cold and lots of it too. That’s the kind of day it was. Sitting in a sun beam, catching rays, competing with the cats for the best spot. Of course they win every time but that’s just the nature of a cat’s life.

I took a few pictures throughout the day from the sun reflecting off the crusty snow, to the grey squirrel who has made an appearance – much to the dismay of little red – to the sunset which is tonight’s winner for photo of the day:

landscape photo of sunset through trees.
057/365 Photo of the day
26 Feb 2019 ©WQuinn
Tonight’s sunset

I’ve had the nagging feeling, since yesterday, that I need to get to our community mailbox to pick up the mail…that there’s a red key to the bigger box, waiting for me. Sure enough, the red key was waiting for me. My parcel from Susan Scheewe Brown’s studio arrived! A few watercolour and acrylic painting tutorial books, plus a few other goodies 🙂

I flipped through each book, inspired with ideas flowing, I set up my painting space and began to paint. First off, my niece’s birthday is tomorrow and my brother’s the day after. I decided to paint a birthday card for each of them. My brother’s would be tonight’s sunset. For my niece I would attempt one of the paintings from the book…at least my version of it!

After finishing my nieces card, I decided to paint another version, on the 6×9 paper, with a smaller barn so I could add the fence all the way around.

watercolour landscape painting of a barn and fenced in paddock, during sunset with snow on the ground and trees surrounding the property.
057/365 Painting of the day
26 Feb 2019 ©WQuinn

I love the colours! Imagine how much darker I could go with acrylics…something to try later on.

Tomorrow I’ll be going to out to celebrate my niece’s birthday. I’ve packed a 6×9 paper, taped (just like the one in the picture above), with a handful of brushes, water, and paint. In the past, I would pack a small, travel size watercolour notepad, but I’m really in the mood to keep up with the larger sized paintings, so we’ll see how that goes tomorrow! My plan is to work on it during my lunch hour. The small, travel-sized paintings usually took about 10-20 mins. The larger one could take closer to 45-60 mins…

Have a good night!


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