Another wonderful sunny day! It was a great day. I got to spend some time this morning with a beautiful soul!

We chatted about auras colours and she said mine were yellow and green.

Funny enough, hours later during a meditation, I was enveloped in yellow, followed by green and ending with purple. I could see yellow and green merging, intertwined, separate yet one.

For the painting of the day, I was guided to use a sponge and was drawn to yellow and…surprise…green!

Watercolour painting sponge effect yellow and green

047/365 Painting of the day 16 Feb 2019

Early this morning I peeked out the front window, happy to see a couple of evening grosbeaks at the feeder. Then one by one they arrived. I counted fourteen in all!

The photo of the day captures four males at the feeder which is bathed in the orange glow of the morning sunlight.

Photo four male grosbeaks at bird feeder
047/365 Photo of the day 16 Feb 2019

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