Monday, Monday

Monday, 12 April 2021

A long and busy day at work today but I did manage to run outside to pick up pine cones and fly-away cardboard… another windy day!

I was about to put a movie on when I thought I’d better transplant a few tomato seedlings first, as some where looking limp. An hour later I had transplanted 20 Tomato seedlings! 20! I’m flabbergasted at how well most of my seedlings are doing. My experience has been most seeds don’t germinate and the ones that do don’t always mature. Fingers crossed that these little babies make it to adulthood.

I also transplanted 4 cauliflower plants that have been struggling. I’m hoping that the new soil and larger pot will give them a boost.

I couldn’t find Dukes this morning. A quick glance in my room, saw the throw bunched up and thought nothing of it. After searching the house I came back to my room for a closer look and grabbed my phone to capture this image. Head and feet sticking out, but just barely!

Dukes cuddled up. ©WQuinn 2021


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