Aren’t Sundays the best?!

Sunday, 11 April 2021

The weather has been incredible, summer-like warm and sunny. It’s been good for the soul and the mind, definitely the body too.

Today was a little cooler with a whole lot of wind, blowing from the East and, at times, the North which blew lots of things off the veranda. It was certainly a “hold onto your hat, bags, pots…” kind of day.

I did a little spring cleaning on the small kitchen herb garden next to the veranda. This spot usually gets overlooked throughout the season but with Rosemary already sporting new growth, things could be changing. She smells amazing!

Kitchen herb garden. ©WQuinn 2021

Also peeked at my winter plants to see how they’re doing. Five of the seven have germinated. The sunflower 🌻 in the pop bottle is doing the best followed by the broccoli. Angelica and Anice haven’t germinated yet.

It was a great day for washing pots. The blowing wind 🌬️ made quick work of drying them, when it wasn’t trying to blow them into the field, that is.

I’ve got thirty clean seedling pots for planting and transplanting, which will keep me busy this week. Won’t be long and May planting day will be here!!! Last frost date for my area is May 1-10. Less than a month away. Ok now I’m just too giddy.


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