Could you feel spring in the air this sunny Sunday?

Sunday, 21 February 2021

I woke early enough to watch the sunrise. It was -20°C. The bird feeders needed to be filled. I ran outside in my Crocs, without my coat, to fill them… and didn’t freeze. Then I sat, tea in hand, enjoying the birds.

The warm glow of sunrise baths a teapot, teacup filled with tea and a scone
Breakfast tea ©WQuinn 2021

While I was outside in the cold, I noticed the air was different. It was cold but the cold was different…spring like. The position of the sun makes quite a difference this time of year.

The second time this month I saw rainbow clouds float by the house. Very cool!

Blue sky with a rainbow cloud next to the sun and a pine tree
Rainbow clouds. ©WQuinn 2021

Today I sorted through my seeds. Unfortunately the container they are in got wet, as did a lot of the seed packets. They were stuck together and what I could get apart were mouldy or had already sprouted. I saved what could be saved and threw out the rest, most of which were vegetable seeds.

My seed order with OSC is on hold so no idea if or when I will be getting seeds. But it’s okay. I purchased lots of medicinal plant and flower seeds in November and early December so can concentrate on growing them this summer instead of a veggie garden. It will be what it will be!


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