Mercury is retrograde…

If you’ve been having that kind of week where communicating has been a struggle – people misunderstand what you’re saying…you can’t seem to say the right word, even though you see it in your mind, it comes out as something else – or equipment has been breaking down, like the photocopier or computer won’t start, files go missing, your car is acting up…

Don’t worry…you’re not going crazy!

There’s a perfectly good explanation for all that you’ve been experiencing and it has to do with a small planet with a mighty force that is travelling backwards (it isn’t actually travelling backwards but it appears to be) at the moment.

Mercury is retrograde.

Now I’m not an astrologer, nor an expert by any means, and am not able to explain the technical aspects of what a retrograde is or how or why it influences our communications and electronics. But I do have experience and have witnessed events unfold during many retrogrades.

I learned about Mercury retrograde in 2008 as I was preparing for angel camp in Hawaii. I was feeling really weird. My emotions were all over the place, things were wonky. I was very unsettled and out of sync and definitely not myself. I posted a message on the private online forum for angel camp participants, explaining how I was feeling. The forum was regularly monitored by the organizers of the camp and one of them replied to my post, suggesting it could have something to do with the alignment of the planets or perhaps Mercury retrograde (all of this was like a foreign language to me!) and she suggested I checkout Mark Husson over at I was very skeptical but I did and boy, am I glad for it! (I have learned so much from Mark by listening to his weekly radio show, where he teaches his listeners about astrology, and takes calls from listeners.)

Now, when I have those days where things just don’t feel right and I’m not sure what the heck is going on, I turn to astrology to figure it out and it’s usually right on point.

The thing about Mercury retrograde is that it’s like a gift from the universe. It’s kind of like you get a “do over”. Let’s say you went through a challenging period at work, a difference of opinion, or you feel you handled something poorly, or perhaps there was something you should have dealt with but you didn’t, well Mercury retrograde is gifting you with a chance to revisit the issue, to look at it from a different perspective, to essentially fix it.

Mercury is usually in retrograde three times during the year. This year’s dates are:

  • March 5-28;
  • July 7-31; and
  • October 31-November 29.

Pay attention to what’s going on in your world a few days prior to the retrograde, during it and a few days after. You may want to put off signing contracts or making large, expensive purchases.

I also recommend paying attention to your intuition. Don’t beat yourself up. Allows tears to flow. Be gentle and kind to yourself. If something is nagging at you then give it your attention. It’s a good time for reflection and changing your perspective….remember this is a gift!

To be on the safe side, make sure to back up your computer (including your phone and tablets). Patience and flexibility will help a lot, especially if communicating becomes challenging. There are times my Mom and I – who are usually very in-sync and can finish each others’ sentence – don’t understand each other. You hear a lot of “what? did you say you want pie?” “No, I said Look at the sky!”


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