Oh Happy Friday

Friday, 23 April 2021 After days of cloudy skies, there is just something so sweet about waking up to a blue sky. Even sweeter when the sun is shining! Look at that sky! Beautiful blue with white fluffy clouds and the sparkling river. ©WQuinn I walked around the yard today, down the river, and noticed…… Continue reading Oh Happy Friday

A beautiful spring night

Monday, 19 April 2021 There’s a partial moon shining tonight. A gentle breeze from the west. The sun set a short time ago. Cars are few and far between. The peepers are peeping. The geese barking. It’s pleasant and peaceful. I love nights like this. I also love yellow flowers! Look at these gorgeous daffodils…… Continue reading A beautiful spring night

Short and sweet

Thursday, 23 July 2020 Tonight’s post is going to be short and sweet. Short because I’m tired and had a long, but happy and productive day, which will continue tomorrow. Sweet because I have three sweet photos to share with you. Beautiful pink and yellow flowers ©WQuinn 2020 A yellow Gerber daisy has just entered…… Continue reading Short and sweet


Tonight’s a quick one…almost didn’t post, but had all three done. Here we go: (I’m in sponge mode!) 023/365 Painting of the dayWatercolour 23 Jan 2019 ©WQuinn The photo is a bit challenging. There are so many to choose from. It’s been snowing here, all day long! A beautiful winter wonderland. A took many photos…… Continue reading 365…23