Tuesday, 10 March 2020 March winds are strong and mighty tonight. Grateful for a solid roof over my head with heat and electricity. The morning started with a heavy fog that stayed around for most of the day. It was so thick at times I couldn’t see anything but white outside. 069/366 Photo of the…… Continue reading 69/366



Monday, 9 March 2020 I woke up to this beautiful sight… 68/366 Photo of the day, 9 Mar 2020 © WQuinn …and the day just kept getting better. Rising sun shining on the river © WQuinn One red-winged blackbird at 7 am became 23 by noon! A Robin singing in the tree, a Canada Goose…… Continue reading 68/366

365…day 2

Iceman. 2/365. ©WQuinn Day one was a piece of cake…easy peasy. Day two, well the photography portion was easy. It’s second nature for me to capture nature moments with my camera. So many times I find myself without a camera—usually because it’s too big, bulky and heavy to discreetly carry in a purse—and I’m sorry…… Continue reading 365…day 2

365 and New Year’s Resolutions

I stopped making New Year’s resolutions some time ago. Primarily because I never kept them. So they were kind of a waste of time, really. I never made it to the gym, kept up the diet for a few weeks, turned off the TV for only a short while… blah, blah, blah, so on and…… Continue reading 365 and New Year’s Resolutions