Friday, 10 January 2020

A mild overcast day. Was so great to see the birds and turkeys. I miss the activity in the backyard when I’m at the office.

Like this guy popping by for a visit

Red black and white woodpecker hanging onto the edge of a suet cage
Hairy woodpecker © WQuinn 2020

Today’s painting, I used a grey I purchased over the holidays but haven’t had a chance to try it out, until now 😉

Blue Grey sky reflected in snow with green trees in the background and a small bush in foreground
10/366 Painting of the day, 10 Jan 2020 © WQuinn

The frost faeries made an appearance this morning and are today’s photo.

Whimsical Frost patterns on window
10/366 Photo of the day, 10 Jan 2020 © WQuinn


It’s strange getting up at 5:30 am and seeing a strip of daylight beginning. Won’t be long and the sun will be up early and go down late (SUMMER!) The drive into work was bright and sunny, even though it was friggin cold!

I was thrilled to see another frost faerie on the window this morning. Only one. Usually there’s a strip across the bottom of the window. I took some pictures, put the camera away and continued getting ready for my day.

Then the sun came up and shone on the window. Well…the frost faerie took on some pretty sweet colours/highlights and I just had to get my camera to capture it. Today’s photo of the day:

photo of a frost pattern on a window
065/365 Photo of the day
Frost Faeries
6 March 2019 ©WQuinn

And today’s painting is one I worked on while at work, during a break.

watercolour painting, landscape, sky with clourds, mountains, bush, trees, grass, birds.
065/365 Painting of the Day
6 March 2019 ©WQuinn


So, you know how the best laid plans don’t always turn out? That’s what has happened in my case.

I’ve been fighting a bug of some sort for a week or more and it seems to have won the battle. I’m writing this on Friday (1 March) because I missed Wednesday and Thursday. I managed to paint and take a photo each day and post them on my Instagram account, but I didn’t manage to write either day. This is the first time I’ve missed writing since I’ve started and, somehow, I’m OK with it. Now, if I missed painting or taking a photo…I know I wouldn’t be OK with it. Interesting about the writing…

Anyhow. Wednesday, 27 Feb, was my niece’s 20th birthday! Such a beautiful young lady and I’m so proud of her. I joined her and her family for supper. I’m glad I did as I got to spend time with my other beautiful nieces. The youngest has the same interests as me – painting, photography, and crafts – so she joined me in painting.

photo of two women holding up their watercolour paintings
058/365 Painting of the day
Shaeleen and Wanda
27 Feb 2019 ©WQuinn
Photo credits: June Quinn (aka Mom!)
photo of frost faeries (aka frost patterns on window)
058/365 Photo of the day
Frost Faeries
27 Feb 2019 ©WQuinn