Wednesday, 18 September 2019

An amazing start to the day…watching the sun slowly rise, the cotton candy-like clouds turn pink and purple, then golden. In the west, a rainbow arched over the field. It’s going to be a great day!

pink clouds in overcast sky as sun rises and pink reflect on water
This morning’s sunrise reflecting in the water ©WQuinn 2019
golden sky as sunrises behind a cloud front, trees silhouetted in foreground
261/365 Photo of the day, 18 Sep 2019, ©WQuinn
watercolour painting landscape blue sky, green rolling hills near sea with three birds flying overhead
261/365 Painting of the day, 18 Sep 2019, ©WQuinn

Can’t believe I forgot to mention the momma deer and her two babies were in a neighbour’s field tonight. Haven’t seen them for a couple of weeks and glad to see their ok. Oh, and the sundog in the western sky tonight. A day and night filled with signs!


Tuesday, 10 September 2019

A cool, dreary, rainy fall day is what it was like today. I turned the electric fireplace on this morning to heat up the living area and added fuzzy socks and a sweater over my winter pjs! Brrrrr… Great day for tea and teleworking!

It was actually sunny out early this morning and I got a sweet photo of the lower part of my flower garden.

Flower garden
Flower garden © WQuinn 2019

I saw a chipmunk collecting sunflower seeds from the lawn, cheeks full, he ran up the stairs only to find me in his way. Cleverly he skirted around me by using a branch that was leaning against the veranda. I laid some sunflower seeds on the veranda, close to the doorway so I could take photos.

I wasn’t disappointed. He showed up but it seem he wasn’t too happy with being photographed.

253/365 Photo of the day, 10 September 2019 © WQuinn

Today’s painting is inspired by the sunflowers in my garden

Watercolour painting sunflowers
253/365 Painting of the day, 10 September 2019 © WQuinn


Wednesday, 4 Sep 2019

Well, wasn’t that a storm! During the wee hours of the morning most of Ottawa-Gatineau experienced a very loud and lingering thunderstorm with plenty of lightening and rain. It was the topic of conversation around the water cooler, as was the Bahamas.

A very timely reminder that your circumstances can change in an instant and things are just that…things. Grab your loved ones and hug them close.

I tried another water-on-water technique for today’s painting, a little beach scene.

Watercolour painting beach scene
247/365 Painting of the day, 4 Sep 2019, © WQuinn

I got home a little after 6 and the sun had already started its descent, almost at eye level with me as I walked around my flower garden. The golden rays bathed my garden in a beautiful light as the birds flew from flower to flower and tree to tree, calling out. Last night’s unfurling sunflower is almost completely open this evening!

Sunflower at sunset
247/365 Another sunflower photo of the day, 4 Sep 2019 © WQuinn


Thursday, 20 June 2019

Farewell to spring! Looking forward to summer arriving tomorrow.

Sitting at my desk, wondering what to paint, I looked to my right and noticed the tissue box. It has a beautiful photo on it of a dock on the water with a yellow sunset. Found my inspiration!

Watercolor painting sunset, dock on the water
171/365 Painting of the day, 20 June 2019 ©️WQuinn

It was getting late tonight when I realized I hadn’t taken a picture of the day. I grabbed my camera, stepped outside looking for something to catch my eye. A few shots here and there but nothing spectacular. Then I remembered my new phone. Google Pixel 3a xl. It’s supposed to take awesome pictures. So I grabbed it, stepped back out and began playing!

Landscape photo trees, water grass at sunset
171/365 Photo of the day, 20 June 2019 ©️WQuinn