It was a lovely sunny day and a beautiful sunset tonight. Not too many birds around though…might be heading north as spring is in the air. We’re expecting 10-15 cm of snow tomorrow so that might bring a few back to the feeders. Here’s hoping because I sure miss hearing and seeing them. As the…… Continue reading 365…068


Tonight’s a quick one…almost didn’t post, but had all three done. Here we go: (I’m in sponge mode!) 023/365 Painting of the dayWatercolour 23 Jan 2019 ¬©WQuinn The photo is a bit challenging. There are so many to choose from. It’s been snowing here, all day long! A beautiful winter wonderland. A took many photos…… Continue reading 365…23


Today was all about the return of blue skies and sunshine. That combination almost reduces the bitter cold (-35 C in the wind). Almost! Lunchtime found me out and about my yard, shoveling the veranda, taking pictures of the tail end of the large whitish grey cloud cover that has covered us for days. So…… Continue reading 365…21


I have a collection of photos of my favourite beaches hanging on a wall in my bathroom, of all places. Yesterday, one of those beach photos caught my attention and I studied it, long and hard, taking in the colours, hues, shadows, details, and came to the conclusion…this is something I could paint. So, tonight,…… Continue reading 365…13