Monday, after a holiday

Monday, 6 July 2020

The Monday after a holiday can be the worst. Or it can be the best. Perhaps it can be OK. You get to decide.

I decided to just go with it. I typically roll out of bed in a cheerful mood and for those days I’m less cheery, I still find the light in life.

Turns out I didn’t miss a lot at work. There weren’t a ton of emails to catch up on and I have a couple of projects to work on, so that’s a bonus. Nothing I like less than having nothing to do and creating “make work” projects.

Today’s photo is actually one I took yesterday but saved it for today because it’s a special one…are you ready for it?! The Baltimore Oriole is back in town!

Baltimore Oriole, perched on an orange.
Photo of the day, 6 Jul 2020 ©WQuinn

I thought I saw him yesterday morning, a blur of yellow flying into the old pine tree. Too big to be an American goldfinch. Then later in the day, I could hear his song, followed by his Mrs. at the feeder. I cut up an orange, put it out and sure enough he popped in for a snack. He was back again today for more.

I cut up another orange, replaced the one on the feeder (seen in photo) and put one on the patio table (where I had it last year). I looked out about a half hour later and the orange on the table was missing…I’m thinking squirrels! Oh well, at least someone is getting a dose of vitamin C.

Here’s another one from the bird garden of the oriole enjoying the orange, followed by tonight’s sunset. Enjoy and have a wonderful night!

Red Sky Morning

Sunday, 5 July 2020

I was up late, sitting on the river bank, watching the moon, listening to the bull frogs and really soaking in the beautiful summer night.

I had a realistic dream that it started raining and I jumped up and out of the tent to put the rain fly on. It was so realistic that when it actually started raining, I woke up surprised because I was so sure I had already put the rain fly on! So, out I go to put it on when I see the sky. Wow! It was so beautiful. Once the fly was on, I quickly grabbed my phone and took a few shots. So pretty!

Sky of pink and red hues over green trees surrounding a river.
Photo of the day, 5 Jul 2020 ©WQuinn (Pixel 3a xl)

Today was the day I finally snapped a photo of the hummingbird. Most mornings I’m in the wrong spot with the sun shining on him, so he appears as a silhouette. This morning, however, I was in the right spot, at the right time, and strangely enough, my camera was set to Tv when it’s usually set to Av. This setting allowed the wings to be captured which is pretty cool!

Hummingbird hovers near feeder. ©WQuinn 2020 (Canon T6i)

And tonight’s sunset had a similar hue to it but the phone didn’t quite pick it up.

Orange hues in the sky moments after the sun set. ©WQuinn 2020 (Pixel 3a xl)

Stormy Sunday

Sunday, 28 June 2020

I woke up in the middle of the night, glanced out my bedroom window and noticed the crescent moon. It looked pretty. I could see the sleeping giant form of the Eardley escarpment. The red light on top of the tower blinked normally yet seemed smaller…perhaps less clear.

I looked out again ten minutes later, the moon, still looking lovely, had taken on a mystical feel with dense clouds surrounding it. The blinking red light could not be seen. The Eardley escarpment vanished. Strange.

I looked out again, ten minutes later…need I add I didn’t get much sleep last night?! … Not only was the escarpment still gone, but now my neighbour’s barn had disappeared, as did the field across from my house. The moon was still visible but barely.

It was too dark to see for certain if fog had rolled in or a large cloud system moved in. After thinking it, I realized clouds wouldn’t block or hide houses…must be fog. It was a surreal experience.

Upon waking several hours later at dawn, I could clearly see the fog that blanketed the area, hiding the field, barn and the escarpment from my view. This would have been an opportune moment to grab my camera and take pictures but…I was up quite a bit during the night 😉 so I turned over and fell back to sleep.

Lots of storms rolled through today, making for awesome cloud photos:

Cumulus clouds. Do you see the faces? Photo of the day
©WQuinn 2020
Cloud formation ©WQuinn 2020
Dark clouds ©WQuinn 2020

My nephew built my new computer today! I’ve been ordering parts since the beginning of March, the last piece arrived on Friday, and now, all the pieces have come together. Can’t wait to get it moved into my room and get creating on it!

Building my computer ©WQuinn 2020
Tonight’s sunset ©WQuinn 2020

What day is it?

Thursday, 25 June 2020

Six months to Christmas day and happy birthday to my dear aunt!

I’m all for holidays, especially when I get paid for them. There’s just something weird about having a day off in the middle of the week. I was so certain today was Monday, I was going to take the garbage out! Mom gave me the weather outlook for the weekend, saying Friday and Sunday looked the best with rain on Saturday. My response? Maybe I could work an extra hour each day and take time off on Friday. Silence. Then I knew… tomorrow is Friday, isn’t it? Sigh…guess I’m not taking off early Friday!

Next week I’ll be off on Wednesday again, this time for Canada Day. It will be a strange one, as everything has been since Covid arrived. Not to mention the Snowbirds are grounded after the crash in BC and the tragic loss of one of their own. Canada Day won’t be the same without them.

On another note, but still with planes…I could hear a familiar engine flying overhead during the afternoon and ran outside to see who it was. Much to my delight it was a Harvard flying overhead! It was such a treat to sit and watch it, and the sound of the engine…there’s nothing quite like it!

Harvard ©WQuinn 2020
Photo of the day, 25 Jun 2020 ©WQuinn

And a few shots from my garden and the sunset.