Sunday, 19 May 2019 A rainy, foggy start to the day but when the sun came out, holy humidity! Had a busy day with meal planning and grocery shopping followed by a visit to Dairy Queen? Yum. I fell behind with posting my photo of the day in Instagram and writing this blog. I find…… Continue reading 365…139



Brrrrr! Another cold day! Didn’t go out but got lots accomplished inside. More decluttering going on – this time the kitchen! A bag and a couple of boxes full of Tupperware, containers and dishes we no longer need will be making their way to Value Village in the next couple of days. So much purging…… Continue reading 365…19


11/365 Painting of the day11 Jan 2019 ©WQuinn It was sunflower kind of day 😉 and a mourning dove for the potd. This little guy has been hanging around the yard for over a week. He’s alone and isn’t overly shy. I was thrilled when he visited the back veranda where I have lots of…… Continue reading 365…11