Monday, 30 September 2019 Goodbye September…it’s been grand! A cloudy and cool morning. Was so happy to see the sun in the afternoon. Went for a walk around my garden. Most of the sunflowers are bent over, thistles are going to seed. Nice to see some flowers still blooming. Marigolds, black eyed susans, impatience and…… Continue reading 365…273



Tuesday, 10 September 2019 A cool, dreary, rainy fall day is what it was like today. I turned the electric fireplace on this morning to heat up the living area and added fuzzy socks and a sweater over my winter pjs! Brrrrr… Great day for tea and teleworking! It was actually sunny out early this…… Continue reading 365…253


Wednesday, 4 Sep 2019 Well, wasn’t that a storm! During the wee hours of the morning most of Ottawa-Gatineau experienced a very loud and lingering thunderstorm with plenty of lightening and rain. It was the topic of conversation around the water cooler, as was the Bahamas. A very timely reminder that your circumstances can change…… Continue reading 365…247