172/366 Summer Solstice

Saturday, 20 June 2020

As I was writing the title of this post, my room took on a pink hue. A quick glance out the window confirmed it for me… the sky picked up some colour from the sun, which set 20 minutes earlier.

I lept out of bed, ran to the door, turned back to my room…forgot my shoes and a robe…and back to the door, outside to capture the beauty.

Tonight’s pink sunset after glow
©WQuinn 2020

Back at writing this blog post, I happened to look out again and…oh my! Jumped out of bed again, this time I opened the living room window, phone hanging out, trying to capture the awesomeness… It just doesn’t do it justice.

Tonight’s sunset after glow
©WQuinn 2020

I had plans for today…things to get done early, before the heat set in. Unfortunately I woke up around 3 am with a nasty migraine. After a couple of pain relievers and essential oils, I went back to bed, only to wake up around 8 am in the same condition. More pain relievers and essential oils and eventually the pain subsided. Zero energy found me spending most of my day quiet, in the air conditioning. I did pop out occasionally to see the birds, soak up some heat so I could appreciate the air conditioning and try to enjoy the longest day of the year.

The solstice is special. Energetically speaking, I feel more connected, more intune with nature…almost like it comes alive… everything is in bloom…the faeries, nature angels and deities are more present or perhaps the veil is thinner. It’s a time of celebration, a time to rejoice, the seeds that were planted are coming to fruition.

Ashes keeping me company in bed this afternoon.
Photo of the day, 20 Jun 2020 ©WQuinn


Friday, 21 June 2019 Summer Solstice

Hello Summer!!!!!!!

A fantastic first day of summer. Hoping for many more!

Today’s painting is an ode to summer

Watercolor painting landscape blue sky green grass wildflowers
172/365 Painting of the day, 21 June 2019 ©️WQuinn

Tonight’s sunset and photo of the day:

Golden sunset
172/365 Photo of the day, 21 June 2019 ©️WQuinn