Stormy Sunday

Sunday, 28 June 2020

I woke up in the middle of the night, glanced out my bedroom window and noticed the crescent moon. It looked pretty. I could see the sleeping giant form of the Eardley escarpment. The red light on top of the tower blinked normally yet seemed smaller…perhaps less clear.

I looked out again ten minutes later, the moon, still looking lovely, had taken on a mystical feel with dense clouds surrounding it. The blinking red light could not be seen. The Eardley escarpment vanished. Strange.

I looked out again, ten minutes later…need I add I didn’t get much sleep last night?! … Not only was the escarpment still gone, but now my neighbour’s barn had disappeared, as did the field across from my house. The moon was still visible but barely.

It was too dark to see for certain if fog had rolled in or a large cloud system moved in. After thinking it, I realized clouds wouldn’t block or hide houses…must be fog. It was a surreal experience.

Upon waking several hours later at dawn, I could clearly see the fog that blanketed the area, hiding the field, barn and the escarpment from my view. This would have been an opportune moment to grab my camera and take pictures but…I was up quite a bit during the night 😉 so I turned over and fell back to sleep.

Lots of storms rolled through today, making for awesome cloud photos:

Cumulus clouds. Do you see the faces? Photo of the day
©WQuinn 2020
Cloud formation ©WQuinn 2020
Dark clouds ©WQuinn 2020

My nephew built my new computer today! I’ve been ordering parts since the beginning of March, the last piece arrived on Friday, and now, all the pieces have come together. Can’t wait to get it moved into my room and get creating on it!

Building my computer ©WQuinn 2020
Tonight’s sunset ©WQuinn 2020


Saturday, 13 July 2019

Today was one of those days where I was up early (for the record, I consider 7:30 am on a Saturday early) and I made a plan. I knew what I wanted to accomplish for the day… actually, for the weekend.

My plan made it to noon before being scraped.

I received a text from my sister who was in the mood to play tourist in Ottawa. If it involves photo opportunities, I’m in!

We went to Tavern on the water for a late lunch. I’ve been wanting to try it out since last year so was stoked to finally be there. If you haven’t heard of the Taverns in Ottawa, there are two: Tavern on the hill in Major’s Hill park and Tavern on the water next to Rideau falls on Sussex drive.

I’ll add a photo at a later date as my camera battery died and I don’t have a replacement with me! (Gasp!)

I took a dozen or so photos of the Ottawa river and Rideau falls. Then we walked across the falls, exploring the surrounding areas.

Across the street lies the old city hall… a fascinating architecture gem and again, a place I’ve been wanting for years to visit, especially the white bridges in the back.

Today was the day!

I managed to download a couple of photos before my camera died. Here is one of my favs:

Two women walking towards a white bridge
My sister and niece, Ottawa, July 2019, ©️ WQuinn

It was a hot hot day so we cooled off with a swim in the pool before supper. On my way home, I was greeted by some very nasty looking clouds:

Storm clouds
Do you see a face in the clouds? ©️ WQuinn

Storm clouds
©️ WQuinn

Storm clouds
©️ WQuinn

The rain started shortly before I arrived home, followed by lightening and thunder. What a show!

Tonight’s photo of the day is the sky after the storm.

Pink sky with clouds
194/365 Photo of the day, 13 July 2019, ©️ WQuinn

And tonight’s painting is inspired by that sky:

Watercolor painting stormy sky
194/365 Painting of the day, 13 July 2019, ©️ WQuinn