Gorgeous moon rising

Monday, 26 April 2021

I made it to my appointment today with no problems. On our way back to QC, the roadblock was set up going into Ottawa. Glad to have missed it.

Boy, do I miss this city though…

And what an amazing moon rise tonight

A relaxing and enjoyable way to spend a Sunday in spring

Sunday, 25 April 2021

Do you realize that in one month from today, the first long weekend of the summer – typically referred to in Canada as May 2 4 (May two four) – will be over! Time sure is flying by.

Two things I’m looking forward to – outside of gardening that is 😉 – my vaccine appointment in May and a trip to the chiropractor. I was waiting for the vaccine before going to the chiropractor but I’m in a bit of a pinch right now, more like a pain right now, so I’ve booked an appointment for tomorrow afternoon. I haven’t been to the chiro since February 2020 and, prior to the pandemic, I went every month for a tune up. In a year without regular treatment, let me tell you, my body feels it everywhere, especially my head and neck which explains the many migraine headaches I’ve been getting. So, fingers are crossed that there is no border crossing nor traffic tomorrow.

It was a cooler day today with a beautiful rain shower later this afternoon. It reminded me of Ireland, how soft the rain fell on the grass, you could almost hear nature smiling. To top it off, the birds were singing and flying to and fro. I tried to record the moment but as soon as I turned my phone on, the traffic started. I guess the moment was meant for me to enjoy… in that moment.

Today was transplant day for some seedlings: Roma tomato, Zinnia and Echinacea. I carted them outside to the veranda to transplant – less mess in the house that way and it gave me a chance to enjoy the fresh air and birds. I enjoy this part, getting my hands in the dirt, carefully handling the seedlings, being connected to nature. What a great way to spend a Sunday!

I’m running out of space in the house for these seedlings though. The Roma tomatoes were in a four pack cell, four seeds in each cell all germinated. I transplanted two to a pot to save space. Then comes Zinnia, who I also doubled up on, she ended up with seven new pots, and Echinacea ended up with four pots. I have enough space for the pots but I don’t have any more black trays to put them in to bottom water feed, or catch water if I water from the top. I have been using plastic drawers but can only get two or three in each drawer. And I’ve been using the plastic tops of the black trays but have run out of them too. I need to get creative!!! If you have ideas, please share in the comments. I can use all the help I can get!

I was thrilled to see two Gourds have germinated! These are the birdhouse variety and they seemed to take forever, but it’s only been three weeks. At first I thought I did something wrong, then I worried it was the paper pot I planted it in… I find they don’t stay moist very long. But, once again, there was no need for worry as they did what they were meant to do, in their own time. There’s a lesson in there that I seem to have a hard time grasping!

Cute cat photo, just because. ©WQuinn 2021
The storm bypassing us. I heard a clap of thunder but that was it. Looks like the invisible shield is in play again this spring/summer. ©WQuinn 2021

Aren’t Sundays the best?!

Sunday, 11 April 2021

The weather has been incredible, summer-like warm and sunny. It’s been good for the soul and the mind, definitely the body too.

Today was a little cooler with a whole lot of wind, blowing from the East and, at times, the North which blew lots of things off the veranda. It was certainly a “hold onto your hat, bags, pots…” kind of day.

I did a little spring cleaning on the small kitchen herb garden next to the veranda. This spot usually gets overlooked throughout the season but with Rosemary already sporting new growth, things could be changing. She smells amazing!

Kitchen herb garden. ©WQuinn 2021

Also peeked at my winter plants to see how they’re doing. Five of the seven have germinated. The sunflower 🌻 in the pop bottle is doing the best followed by the broccoli. Angelica and Anice haven’t germinated yet.

It was a great day for washing pots. The blowing wind 🌬️ made quick work of drying them, when it wasn’t trying to blow them into the field, that is.

I’ve got thirty clean seedling pots for planting and transplanting, which will keep me busy this week. Won’t be long and May planting day will be here!!! Last frost date for my area is May 1-10. Less than a month away. Ok now I’m just too giddy.

Who took it best?

Saturday, 10 April 2021

And yet, another summer-like spring day! A balmy 23°C.

I woke up at 5:46 am wondering why. The sun wasn’t even up yet. I couldn’t get back to sleep so joined the rest of the early birds to usher in another gorgeous day.

This morning’s sunrise. ©WQuinn 2021

I had a very productive day!

I finally finished my vegetable garden plan! Companion planting and researching how many plants per square foot took some time to figure out but is so worth it. I’ve added herbs and some flowers to deter pests. I was also able to fit my cut flower garden into the space. This will attract the pollinators which will help my veggies too.

Next was getting the outdoor waterworks turned on with two hoses hooked up for now. One was leaking after I put a nozzle on it. Figuring it was the nozzle, I tried two others, even went looking for washers thinking that might help when I realized the leak was coming from just under the brass end of the hose. I added “fix the hose” to my list, then moved on to cleaning the composter with a dripping hose. It looks brand new and has a new spot next to the soon-to-be veggie garden.

We got the lawn tractor going!!! Usually we have to take it apart every spring but this year, after charging the battery, it started like a charm!

And finally, I got back into the herb garden to finish digging the new portion. When I was done, I covered it with cardboard to keep the clay from drying out. It doesn’t take long for clay to dry and form hard clumps which is difficult to work with.

Herb garden covered with cardboard. ©WQuinn 2021

Next up is planning the herb garden. One portion will be tea herbs and the other will be medicinal herbs.

Who took it best? Canon or Pixel?

Tonight’s sunset taken with
Canon Rebel T6i. ©WQuinn 2021
Tonight’s sunset taken with
Google Pixel 4a. ©WQuinn 2021

The sounds of today beginning with sunrise:

And ending with night: