I talk to animals…

…and they talk back!

I swear they do! I have a habit of talking to my cats, who oil I know understand everything I say. They even talk to me and I usually understand what they’re saying.

So it wasn’t much of a stretch to talk to the birds, squirrels and other critters that hang around here. I greet them in the morning. Ask how things are going. Do they need anything.

Just the other day I had a chickadee land right next to me, look me directly in the eye, then tweet at me. I knew right away he was telling me he needed more food. I reached up to get his feeder (to peek in to see if I understood correctly) and sure enough, it was empty. I promptly filled it, put it back and shortly afterwards, the chickadee came back, flew close to me, looking me in the eye again and tweeted his thanks. (I’m not kidding…sometimes I think I’m making it all up because it’s so unreal…but I’m not. My mom has witnessed these interesting exchanges!)

Yesterday, little red (red squirrel who has been hanging around all winter) was making a real racket. I was turning him out until he got up on the back of a chair – eye level with me – looking at me through the patio door, screeching. He got my attention! I listened…determined he was out of bird seed…sure enough. He was!

Today, I asked a chickadee if I could take his picture. I took one :

Then he turned, as if to say…this is my better side…

So I took another shot, then he moved to a branch, posing (seriously, he sat waiting for me) as if saying…this spot is better:

I took several this time, changing the settings until I got a picture I liked.

If you’ve ever photographed birds, you’ll know…they don’t often stay put. This guy was a perfect model, giving me lots of time to get the right picture.

Sometimes we get so caught up in the daily grind of our lives, we become distant and out of touch with what’s important. Pay attention to all that is around you…especially nature. Talk to your plants and animals. But also listen! Nature is always communicating with us…we just need to get in the moment, get in sync and be.

Give it a try today and let me know how it goes.

Hurricane Patricia wreaks havoc on empaths…

oceanwaves3 copy

Windy days bring lots of garbage onto my front lawn; both physical and emotional garbage. After the storm I am left picking up and sorting what belongs to me and what doesn’t; both physical and emotional.

You wouldn’t think wind could bring so much emotional garbage into your life – did you? But if your a sensitive person – an empath – then you’re most like nodding your head in agreement with me right now.

Being an empath can be sort of cool – in a parlour trick kind of way – but at the end of the day it can also be very taxing in an exhausting kind of way.

For non-empaths, imagine for a moment that thoughts are energy, much like the device you’re reading this blog post on is energy. The device – be it a tablet, phone or computer – is vibrating at such a slow speed or frequency that you can actually touch it; whereas Angels, for instance, are energy vibrating at extremely fast or high frequency that we can’t see or feel them. Thoughts vibrate at a frequency somewhere in between but at the higher end of the frequency scale. Most ordinary folks don’t notice them but highly sensitive people – empaths – can.

Did you know the average person has about 40 some thoughts a minute. A minute! Now multiply that by the amount of people living in your house, on your street, in your neighbourhood, your town, city, province, country and so on. I bet that only 10 % of those thoughts are happy ones. That leaves a lot of fear-based thoughts floating around your home, town, city, province…

An empath can walk into a grocery store feeling great then walk down an aisle and suddenly feel overwhelmed with feelings of fear, then down another aisle and feel joy, then down another aisle and be overthrown by depression, all because she is walking through people’s thoughts.

What does all this have to do with Hurricane Patricia?

Have you ever had your neighbours’ stuff accumulate on your lawn after a wind storm? A garbage bin from a block or two away, a BBQ from across the street or patio chairs and cushions? The wind also blows energy your way too, energy from all across the streets, towns, cities, provinces that it has visited. Empaths feel the energy, feel the thoughts, 40 thoughts per person per minute times hundreds of thousands of people or more. That’s a lot of energy blowing your way, kind of like turning on a radio and tuning into a country station for a second, then changing to a top 40 station for a second, then changing to easy listening, back to country, to jazz, to  talk radio, to sports, to country and back again for the length of the wind storm. Dizzying, electrifying, mind blowing, out of this world insanity.

What can you, as an empath, do to protect yourself during windy days?

Know yourself! If you know yourself, know your feelings and emotions, then you can easily discern what’s yours and what’s not. If it’s not yours, then walk away from it and don’t give it another thought.

Grounding. Grounding exercises are essential for empaths. The best way to start your day is with a grounding meditation exercise.

Nature. Spend as much time as you can in nature, walking in a forest, sitting by water, leaning against a tree.

Sacred Geometry and Crystal grids.

Sea-Salt baths. Ideally a dip in the ocean but if you don ‘t have an ocean close by a sea-salt bath is a great alternative.

My favourite Canadian beach - Martinique - can be found on the Eastern Shore of Nova Scotia. ©Wanda Quinn 2010
My favourite Canadian beach – Martinique – can be found on the Eastern Shore of Nova Scotia. ©Wanda Quinn 2010

Sage/Smudge. Cleanse yourself and your home regularly.

Rose Quartz mirror technique. I use this whenever I venture into town. Visualize rose quartz mirrors surrounding your body with the mirror facing outwards (i.e. away from you and towards others.) As thoughts come towards you, they hit the mirror and are transmuted into pure unconditional love and reflected back to the owner.

Empaths pick up all sorts of garbage so remember to know what’s yours and leave the rest behind and self-care is the best kind of care!



How you can get energized, rejuvenated and clarity in just minutes…and it’s FREE! Day 19 of 30 Days of Happiness

picture of snow storm, round bails of hay in field of snow
A snowy day. Winter 2014. ©WandaQuinn

I know I’ve said it BEFORE but it bears repeating: Spend time in nature, as much time as you can and as often as you can. The REWARDS and benefits are unmatched in our day-to-day world of artificial light and electronics galore.

Seriously, all it takes is MINUTES a day. Keep in mind though, the more time you spend outdoors, the more benefits you’ll reap. You’ll be more energized and rejuvenated. You’ll have more clarity and direction, not to mention you’ll sleep better.

Sometimes I get in a rut – especially in the winter months when there’s less sunlight, snow on the ground, the wind is howling and the thermometer is registering numbers in the negative – and don’t get outside except to drive to and from work. It doesn’t take long for my BRAIN to get foggy, for my body to feel sluggish and my mood drop. When I finally push myself to get outside, even for 15 minutes, for fresh air and a quick WALK around the yard, I notice, almost immediately, the benefits kick in: my mind clears, I feel grounded, centered, healthy and vibrant. Especially if I spend time walking amongst trees and watch the birds flying around and the squirrels digging for their treasure.

I read an article this summer how sleeping outdoors can improve the quality of your sleep by RESETTING your internal clock. It doesn’t surprise me in the least as I sleep so well while I’m camping and for several days afterwards. During the summer, I like to set up a tent in my backyard and sleep in it as much as possible because there is just something about lying on the ground* and being apart of nature as she unfolds around you. (*With nothing but a foot thick air mattress between me and the ground I mean.)

The earth has a RHYTHM that we’re all connected to but over the years – as we spend more time indoors with artificial lighting and plugged in to electronic devices – our rhythm has CHANGED and put us out of sync with the earth. Being in nature puts us back in sync and our mind, body and spirit feel better for it.

So, the next time you’re feeling tired, lacking clarity and in need of a perk, why not take a walk outside and enjoy nature in all her glory!