Another sunny day with a bright blue sky! Woke up with a migraine headache which stuck around for most of the day…so it was a quiet day of not doing much. I washed and replenished the bird feeders from the front yard. Then went for a walk around the yard. So grateful to the wild…… Continue reading 365…041



It’s funny. I’m sitting here staring at a white page. A blank white page. Wondering what to write. Trying a couple of sentences here and there but nothing is right. Of the three creative projects I was to complete today, this is the toughest. Rarely am I without a word to say. Yet, for some…… Continue reading 365…036


First day of February brought us lots of sun and cold temperatures. Everything is better with the sun! I was teleworking today and took advantage of being home by spending my breaks and lunch outside, shoveling, walking around, taking pictures! Not long after I finished work for the day, I was doing something in my…… Continue reading 365…032


The sun was shining this afternoon, so I headed outside for a snowshoe during my lunch break. The wind really picked up while I was out there, and boy, was I glad I had my camera. The snow was blowing off of the garage room, creating whiteout conditions around it. I manged to capture it…… Continue reading 365…25