Last day before holidays!

Tuesday, 30 June 2020

Canada Day tomorrow, then off for the rest of the week! Yes baby!!!

It was a busy couple of days at work and I am ready for a few days off. I set the tent up down by the river, looking forward to sleeping out!

Took lots of pictures this afternoon of the sky and flowers. Enjoy!

Photo of the day © WQuinn 2020

Happy St Jean Baptiste day!

Wednesday, 24 June 2020

A cooler day was on tap today. Gone was the hot humid sticky weather of the last week. It was an overcast windy day and I made the most of it by transplanting some perennials and planting sunflower seeds.

My garden is coming along nicely! ©WQuinn 2020

We had family pop in for supper and were going to have a bonfire but it was just too windy to do so safely.

My nieces picked wildflowers for my mom and arranged them in vases…so sweet and pretty!

Wildflower bouquet
Photo of the day, 24 Jun 2020 ©WQuinn

We were sitting in the living room chatting when I looked outside and saw this amazing break in the clouds. I love how nature reminds us that, no matter how dark and cloudy the day may appear, there is always sunshine and blue skies behind it!


Friday, 15 May 2020

Someone told me this weekend is the long weekend and my response was “What’s a long weekend?” These days, every day feels like a weekend.

It’s our May 2-4 weekend, even though it’s falling on the 18th this year, we still refer to it as the 2-4…go figure. The “unofficial” first long weekend of the summer is when families escape to the lake to open up the cottage; get the tent and sleeping bags out for the first of many weekend camping trips; tackle a house project; or get the garden in.

I used to go to my aunt and uncle’s cottage every long weekend during the summer, until I bought a house. Long weekends were then dedicated to house projects like painting, building, fixing, AND getting the garden in. Now, I try to find some balance. Summer is so short, I like to get the garden in as soon as I can, so I can enjoy fresh veggies! Yum. Thanks to COVID hibernation and a lack of work projects, I have had a chance to get a lot of stuff done around the yard already. It’s the first time in a very long time I feel ahead of the game. I count myself lucky that I have not been affected in any way by COVID-19 and pray it stays that way.

I have been on my laptop a lot the last couple of days. A story idea came to me yesterday which needed to get down. I stepped away from my laptop a few times when I ran out of words, only to walk around outside for a few minutes, then running back to my laptop to continue writing. This went on all day, evening and into the night! Felt great to get back to writing. Today I had reading to catch up on before a work meeting this afternoon. I managed to get a way for a walk before the rain started and took some pictures of the trees budding. I love nature!

Enjoy your weekend, especially if it’s a long one!

©WQuinn 2020
©WQuinn 2020
©WQuinn 2020
Stormy sky
135/366 Photo of the day, 15 May 2020 ©WQuinn


Wednesday, 8 April 2020

It was a cool day today. I’m afraid I got used to the warmer weather after two glorious days! I guess mother nature was sharing a sneak peek of what’s to come.

98/366 Photo of the day, 8 Apr 2020 © WQuinn

These are “Cloud streets. They’re caused by “rolls” of air in the upper atmosphere running in parallel to one another.” Thanks to Mark Robinson (aka @StormhunterTWN) at the Weather Network for this info!!!

A few more:

© WQuinn 2020
© WQuinn 2020