A day full of changes…weather wise that is! We went from cloudy to full on snow, to rain, to sunshine and blue skies and I have a picture for each moment. It was a challenge picking one out for photo of the day but I did and I chose the redpolls! 046/365 Photo of the…… Continue reading 365…046


Tonight’s painting of the day was very challenging. I attempted two paintings before this last one. Nothing seemed to work. My vision for the first was scattered and not taking shape. The second…the paper became over saturated and looked weird, in that the paper was shredding or piling? Not the effect I was looking for.…… Continue reading 365/042


Wow, can you believe how quickly January has flown by? The sun sets after 5 pm now. That’s worthy of a happy dance! Spring is not too far away. Longer, hopefully warmer, days are on the horizon. Today was another bitterly cold one, with a smattering of snow – not as much as I thought…… Continue reading 365…29


Woke up with a headache this morning and didn’t feel like doing much. I went out to feed the birds and was surprised at how windy it was, nearly blew me over! Wind gusts must have been about 80 km. Blowing snow creating whiteout conditions. A real treat trying to photograph! Crazy weather seems to…… Continue reading 365…27