Monday, after a holiday

Monday, 6 July 2020

The Monday after a holiday can be the worst. Or it can be the best. Perhaps it can be OK. You get to decide.

I decided to just go with it. I typically roll out of bed in a cheerful mood and for those days I’m less cheery, I still find the light in life.

Turns out I didn’t miss a lot at work. There weren’t a ton of emails to catch up on and I have a couple of projects to work on, so that’s a bonus. Nothing I like less than having nothing to do and creating “make work” projects.

Today’s photo is actually one I took yesterday but saved it for today because it’s a special one…are you ready for it?! The Baltimore Oriole is back in town!

Baltimore Oriole, perched on an orange.
Photo of the day, 6 Jul 2020 ©WQuinn

I thought I saw him yesterday morning, a blur of yellow flying into the old pine tree. Too big to be an American goldfinch. Then later in the day, I could hear his song, followed by his Mrs. at the feeder. I cut up an orange, put it out and sure enough he popped in for a snack. He was back again today for more.

I cut up another orange, replaced the one on the feeder (seen in photo) and put one on the patio table (where I had it last year). I looked out about a half hour later and the orange on the table was missing…I’m thinking squirrels! Oh well, at least someone is getting a dose of vitamin C.

Here’s another one from the bird garden of the oriole enjoying the orange, followed by tonight’s sunset. Enjoy and have a wonderful night!

Red Sky Morning

Sunday, 5 July 2020

I was up late, sitting on the river bank, watching the moon, listening to the bull frogs and really soaking in the beautiful summer night.

I had a realistic dream that it started raining and I jumped up and out of the tent to put the rain fly on. It was so realistic that when it actually started raining, I woke up surprised because I was so sure I had already put the rain fly on! So, out I go to put it on when I see the sky. Wow! It was so beautiful. Once the fly was on, I quickly grabbed my phone and took a few shots. So pretty!

Sky of pink and red hues over green trees surrounding a river.
Photo of the day, 5 Jul 2020 ©WQuinn (Pixel 3a xl)

Today was the day I finally snapped a photo of the hummingbird. Most mornings I’m in the wrong spot with the sun shining on him, so he appears as a silhouette. This morning, however, I was in the right spot, at the right time, and strangely enough, my camera was set to Tv when it’s usually set to Av. This setting allowed the wings to be captured which is pretty cool!

Hummingbird hovers near feeder. ©WQuinn 2020 (Canon T6i)

And tonight’s sunset had a similar hue to it but the phone didn’t quite pick it up.

Orange hues in the sky moments after the sun set. ©WQuinn 2020 (Pixel 3a xl)

A Summery Saturday

Saturday, 4 July 2020

Happy Independence Day to my American friends!

I started my post early this evening, getting a jump start on my night. I was sitting inside, recalling a beautiful sunny summer day. This is how I started it…

…Today was one of those text book perfect days. I seem to be having a lot of those lately and I’m beyond grateful! There was no humidity today. None! 29°C felt like 29°C. What a relief after a week of hot humid weather. Add to that a nice breeze and, in my books, it was a perfect summer day. I did a few things around the yard then grabbed my Kobo and sat under the shade of the Manitoba maple tree until my eyes got heavy and my bed called for an afternoon nap. What a day!

I put it aside to have dinner, planning to get back to it at bed time, as usual.

Then I saw the full moon rising. I stepped outside to watch it play hide and seek behind some clouds. So mysterious and beautiful. The fireflies were dancing, the bull frogs serenading, and there was no chill to the air, nor humidity. It was quite literally the perfect night for sleeping outside!

My tent was already set up, I inflated a mattress, grabbed my bedding and pillow and my camera.

After a photoshoot with the moon and the river, I sat on the river bank to finish my blog and listen to the frogs and all the other night sounds.

I took this video to share the serenading frogs with you. It’s more for listening than viewing. I hope you enjoy

Photo of the day, 4 Jul 2020 ©WQuinn

It’s Friday!

Friday, 3 July 2020

What a beautiful hot day. I didn’t see a lot of it as I spent most of the morning chatting with Amazon and on the phone with my bank.

I popped into my bank account this morning and noticed a charge from Amazon for $90. I don’t use this bank account for Amazon purchases so I knew immediately something was off.

Chatting with an Amazon rep, they were able to confirm the purchase wasn’t made from my Amazon account and were able to identify what was purchased. The issue has been escalated to the fraud department.

Then I called my bank – TD – and waited 25 minutes to speak to someone. For future reference, when you’re given the option to choose the type of music you prefer to listen to, choose none. The quality of the music is so bad, it just greats on the nerves. The TD rep was awesome and escalated my call to another department where that rep took all the details then cancelled my visa debit card and submitted the claim to the fraud department.

I changed my login info and my password and I vow to stop using credit cards with Amazon. I’m going to only use gift cards from now on. Now I sit and wait to see the outcome.

I had a birthday dinner party to prepare for and lost a good chunk of time handling this. Oh well. I quickly got into party mode, preparing salads, appetizer tray and prepping the veggies. When everyone arrived, my nephew joined me in the kitchen and we worked together very well! Wine in hand, great tunes playing in the background, seasoning meat and veggies…it was a hoot! I was excited to use some garlic and lemon balm from my garden to season the veggies.

The meal was delicious and the birthday cake, which my nephew made, was soooo good. It has become his signature cake. Here’s a photo of it.

Jamie’s signature cake ©WQuinn 2020

When the sun started to go down, the humidity lifted a little, making it a little more bearable. I watered the gardens, then Mom and I sat on the veranda for a bit, watching the near full moon rise. It was beautiful!

A collection of photos I took this evening as I was watering the gardens. Clockwise beginning at the top left: Watering my vegetable/herb garden, flowers blooming from the “humming bird” seeds I planted in March; tonight’s sunset, watching the moon rise on the veranda.

Photo of the day, watching the moon rise, ©WQuinn 2020