Tuesday, 7 Jan 2020 As I was preparing for my painting of the day, wondering what I’d paint, I received the breaking news bulletin that Iran had retaliated. I immediately knew my painting would be one of peace. A symbol of peace. We need peace, light and love in the world right now, always, but…… Continue reading 007/366


Be a Beacon of Light – Day 29 of 30 Days of Happiness

Believe in something bigger than yourself. To believe in something bigger than yourself and put your trust in that something – be it God, the Universe, All That Is, or something else – is to guarantee your happiness igniting. Sure, there will be days when you may doubt the existence of a creator and that’s…… Continue reading Be a Beacon of Light – Day 29 of 30 Days of Happiness


Peace. When I hear this word I think of the prayer, peace be with you, peace be in you, peace be around you. Peace. What does peace mean to you? Peace and quiet? Peace for me means being grounded, in the moment, completely connected with myself and earth and heaven all at the same time.…… Continue reading Peace