Saturday, 9 May 2020 Happy birthday to my nephew!!! What a crazy day of weather! Sunshine, wind, snow squalls, white-out conditions, clear sunny day, and repeat endlessly! Fishing in a squallAnd now a white-outWhite-out across the roadSquall approaching over Eardley escarpmentSnow pellets on 417Crazy weather O Canada! 129/366 Photo of the day, 9 May 2020…… Continue reading 129/366


Wednesday, 29 April 2020 I felt a bit like a renegade today as I crossed the border into Ottawa. The parliament building were a sight to behold, even from a distance. Parliament buildings, Ottawa. © WQuinn 2020 Mom’s pharmacy is in Ottawa, so we headed into town to pickup her prescription. The border was open…… Continue reading 119/366


Another crazy snowy day. This time I had to go out in it. But for a good reason. I’m staying at the Chateau Laurier in downtown Ottawa tonight. Once a year I like to spend a night at a downtown Ottawa hotel and play tourist, taking night photos. I’ve always wanted to stay at the…… Continue reading 365…034