Another wonderful sunny day! It was a great day. I got to spend some time this morning with a beautiful soul! We chatted about auras colours and she said mine were yellow and green. Funny enough, hours later during a meditation, I was enveloped in yellow, followed by green and ending with purple. I could…… Continue reading 365…047


A lovely day today. It was cold. The sidwalks were ice and snow covered and difficult to navigate through, but all in all, it was a lovely day. I enjoyed the fresh air. I found it a little tough walking, but once I pulled my iPhone out and started to take photos, all thought of…… Continue reading 365…037


Tonight’s a quick one…almost didn’t post, but had all three done. Here we go: (I’m in sponge mode!) 023/365 Painting of the dayWatercolour 23 Jan 2019 ¬©WQuinn The photo is a bit challenging. There are so many to choose from. It’s been snowing here, all day long! A beautiful winter wonderland. A took many photos…… Continue reading 365…23


I just may be finding my niche. In painting and photography. Although I’m trying new techniques and venturing out of my comfort zone, it’s nice to come back into it and do something I enjoy and am good at. I needed that today. Validation. Validation from me. No one else. Just me. I enjoy blending…… Continue reading 365…22