16 May 2019 It was a cloudy and cool day but what we lacked in sunlight and warmth, we gained in visitors to our backyard. Two ducks, a handful of wild turkeys, rose-breasted grosbeak, Mr and Mrs Cardinal, three black squirrels, one red squirrel, a hummingbird, plus lots of sparrows, golden finch, and chickadees. Not…… Continue reading 365…136


25 April 2019 Patience is a virtue… Good things come to those who wait… Are we there yet? I’m trying to be positive and patient but I’m soooo ready for spring! I’d like to buy a large fan, aim it at the sky and blow the clouds ⛅️ away…or maybe get an airplane so I…… Continue reading 365…115


Good Friday, 19 April 2019 It’s been raining all day. The rivers are overflowing in some parts of the region. The river in my backyard is quite full. It was interesting watching things float by today…mostly trees and brush. I think these are trees the beavers cut down then left near the shore and with…… Continue reading 365…109