It’s Friday!

Friday, 3 July 2020

What a beautiful hot day. I didn’t see a lot of it as I spent most of the morning chatting with Amazon and on the phone with my bank.

I popped into my bank account this morning and noticed a charge from Amazon for $90. I don’t use this bank account for Amazon purchases so I knew immediately something was off.

Chatting with an Amazon rep, they were able to confirm the purchase wasn’t made from my Amazon account and were able to identify what was purchased. The issue has been escalated to the fraud department.

Then I called my bank – TD – and waited 25 minutes to speak to someone. For future reference, when you’re given the option to choose the type of music you prefer to listen to, choose none. The quality of the music is so bad, it just greats on the nerves. The TD rep was awesome and escalated my call to another department where that rep took all the details then cancelled my visa debit card and submitted the claim to the fraud department.

I changed my login info and my password and I vow to stop using credit cards with Amazon. I’m going to only use gift cards from now on. Now I sit and wait to see the outcome.

I had a birthday dinner party to prepare for and lost a good chunk of time handling this. Oh well. I quickly got into party mode, preparing salads, appetizer tray and prepping the veggies. When everyone arrived, my nephew joined me in the kitchen and we worked together very well! Wine in hand, great tunes playing in the background, seasoning meat and veggies…it was a hoot! I was excited to use some garlic and lemon balm from my garden to season the veggies.

The meal was delicious and the birthday cake, which my nephew made, was soooo good. It has become his signature cake. Here’s a photo of it.

Jamie’s signature cake ©WQuinn 2020

When the sun started to go down, the humidity lifted a little, making it a little more bearable. I watered the gardens, then Mom and I sat on the veranda for a bit, watching the near full moon rise. It was beautiful!

A collection of photos I took this evening as I was watering the gardens. Clockwise beginning at the top left: Watering my vegetable/herb garden, flowers blooming from the “humming bird” seeds I planted in March; tonight’s sunset, watching the moon rise on the veranda.

Photo of the day, watching the moon rise, ©WQuinn 2020


Thursday, 4 June 2020

Today felt like Friday all day… Not sure what tomorrow is going to be like!

It was a busy day getting infographics completed and I’ve volunteered to be a tester of a new portal opening up soon, so that’s cool. Also managed to get some gardening done.

Our guy…we have a guy…who has been working around our yard. He dropped off clean fill last month when we had a sign up on the lawn looking for clean fill. He then offered his services to spread the fill and, since then, we’ve kept him busy. Today he dropped off four yards of garden soil. Now I can fill up some garden boxes and containers. Really stoked!!!

We popped into Ottawa to visit my nephews who moved into their first apartment this week. It’s a beautiful place and I’m excited for them, proud of the young men they’ve become and a little nostalgic for the little boys they were.

Then we popped over to see my sister-in-law’s new apartment. It’s stunningly beautiful and such a contrast to the boys modern apartment. Her’s is circa 1920s…has the feel of an old church. Gorgeous wood burning fireplace with a stone mantel. She’s moving in on the weekend so no furniture yet.

Tomorrow is Mom’s birthday so she wanted to see most of her babies tonight!

I didn’t have my camera and tried to capture the near full moon and tonight’s sunset…with my phone…not great but it’s something.

I fed the cats when I got home…left the kitchen to get ready for bed…you know, brushing my teeth and so on. I noticed Ashes wasn’t in the kitchen and she still had food. Kinda strange. I walked into my room, noticed the closet door open and there she was, sitting in my laundry basket…silly girl.

153/366 Photo of the day, 4 Jun 2020 ©WQuinn


Holy Thursday, 9 April 2020

It actually snowed today. Big white fluffy snowball sized snowflakes. Kind of reminded me of the first snowfall of the season. Magical…whimsical…pretty.

I had a virtual work “town hall” this afternoon. While gazing out the window, intently listening to the meeting of course, I saw three deer in distance, running along the tree line, one after the other. It was beautiful and a real gift.

I ran out of sunflower seeds earlier this week. Suet too. With no seeds, I’m not able to make more suet. I finally placed an order with Rona for bird seed. Although it’s not really essential, it feels like it is…for my mental well-being. I spend so much of my time feeding, connecting with and enjoying the birds. I have two downey and two hairy woodpeckers hanging around the feeders. Two more than I usually see! Today, they finished off the suet. Then hung around looking for more food. It was very cute to see them bob their heads from side to side, figuring out what’s next. I captured this little guy looking around one feeder, wondering where the food is, no doubt!

I’m part of an online survey group and have been taking part in weekly surveys regarding COVID-19. Today, as I clicked the responses, I stopped for a moment to check-in and see how I’m really doing. Am I terrified? No. Am I scared? No. Am I afraid of dying? No. Am I nervous? Maybe. Am I anxious? Ya, at times.

I don’t consider myself an anxious person. And, while I’m safely ensconced within the confines of my home…my bubble of protection, I feel quite safe and anxious/worry free. As the grocery pick-up date comes closer, I feel an anxiousness begin to spread. Heightened senses. Heart palpitations. Difficulty staying focused. Harder to take a deep breath in. It’s crazy, I tell myself. It’ll be OK. Just keep my distance, wear gloves, wash my hands when I get home. Wipe down the groceries. Have a plan, stick to the plan. It’ll all be good. It’s been fine each time I’ve gone out. It will continue to be fine. What’s the worst that can happen. If it’s getting COVID-19, then I’ll deal with it. If it’s my Mom getting it, then we’ll deal with it. If it’s one of us dying, then I wish I had been on the balcony of a cruise ship, sipping Baileys, but at least I’ll be home, enjoying nature. If it’s our time, it’s our time and we’re both OK with that. But for gawd’s sake, it’s just picking up groceries!!! Deep breath in…hold it…hold it…hold it…hold it…hold it…and let it out…slowly. Rinse and repeat 😉

A gleeful moment tonight as I was feeding the cats before bed, I glanced out the kitchen window to see a bright ball of fire in the sky. A squeal, followed by running footsteps, grabbing the camera and off to the veranda to grab a few shots. Ohhhhh, how I love nature!

Be safe out there. And if you celebrate, Happy Easter weekend. It’s an important one for the Catholics and will certainly be one for the books.



Monday, 6 April 2020

Oh, what an amazingly beautiful day! A high of 14°C, sunshine and a mild breeze.

Dukes bring me a gift…first of the year.

Dukes is not feeling well but managed to go out for a walk this morning, catch a snake and bring it back to me. I intercepted and persuaded him to leave it on the lawn. He wasn’t happy but a few treats made up for it. I moved the snake to a nearby bush and watched it slide away.

Spent the entire afternoon outside doing this and that, pulled a few chairs out of storage, dug up the garlic patch…I didn’t get around to it in the fall and missed planting the garlic. So thought I’d give it a try planting them now.?! Only time will tell if it’ll work.

The garlic patch before
And after…

Boy, was it wet! I left it to dry and will tackle it again tomorrow and then plant the bulbs.

Today’s photo is the amazing moon

96/366 Photo of the day, 6 Apr 2020 © WQuinn